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The Influencing Coach, Libby Wagner Announces New Workshop in Time Management

Libby Wagner- President, Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Have you already benefitted from http://www.influencingoptions.com/workshops/influencing_skills.php?>Influencing Skills, http://www.influencingoptions.com/workshops/confrontation.php?>Confrontation without Conflict and http://www.influencingoptions.com/workshops/managing_high_performance.php?>Managing for High Performance? Influencing Options has expanded its catalog of workshops to include new one day classes. One of these new workshops is all about Time Management.

Do you know your major time stealers? Are you cognizant of those elements that drain your effectiveness and create obstacles to success? Do you have a system that?s effective and efficient for managing your time and maximizing your energy?

Are you living your dream work life?

Most people do not allot the time they need to clearly articulate their own personal vision for life and work. Utilize Influencing Options? philosophy of the Three Effective Choices as well as some practical, immediately useable skills for creating the work life you?d love to have. Identify best practices and learn about some solid methodologies for closing the gap between you and your vision.

?Live the life you imagined!?

This new course in the Influencing Options catalog teaches participants how to:

?Learn how to identify your own system for improving effective use of time

?Discuss a variety of tools for managing time and increasing organization

?Develop skills in prioritizing and selecting

?Practice saying ?yes? and ?no? effectively

?Align your goals and your personal mission/vision

Want to know more about this workshop or how you can begin to implement some of the tools Influencing Options has to offer? You can contact us by email at info@libbywagner.com. Libby is also available for interviews on this topic.

Libby Wagner
Professional Leadership Results, Inc.
Seattle, WA