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Groupthink Dangers All Over
Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert Dr. Robert Reuschlein, Empire and Climate Expert
Madison, WI
Saturday, May 15, 2021



Google "groupthink" definition:  the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.  Google "iconoclast" definition:  characterized by attack on cherished beliefs or institutions.  I consider myself an iconoclast because I question everything in the light of my unique empirical findings about the diseconomy of military spending.  That informs the nature and evolution of empire.  And how the immense energy transfer of differential evaporation rates over the planet's land versus ocean creates a 54-year cycle of global warming temperatures that profoundly influences humankind's economics, politics, wars, and the timing and location of natural disasters.  This latter natural influence continues unabated and independent from the ongoing greenhouse effect crisis.  The groupthink denial of this newly researched approach is to refuse to recognize that global temperature projections are dramatically improved with this new tool.


Mailman Incident

Our family has been harassed all year long by a rookie year mailman who routinely insisted on autocratic "control freak" tactics against me and my partner.  More info:  https://bobreuschlein.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/control-freak-societies/.   He has been protected in his abuse of authority by his supervisors who refused to meet with me or even give a written reply to our formal three-page complaint 1-7-21.  In his first week he pulled weeks' worth of mail out of our mailbox without leaving the postal service required 10-day notice before that mail would be returned to sender.  Three times I met with him on his route in our neighborhood one year ago (May 2020) this month.  He eagerly sought to keep me from talking to his supervisor that first time so that he could dominate the communication against my interest.  Communication is essential for reasonable mediation of an incident but the rookie on probation must have been terrified I would tell the truth about his hostile and abusive behavior.  Secrecy is the enemy of democracy.  The civil resolution of the first incident in May 2020 ended after several incorrect statements told to me about the process of getting my mail back, a red flag I unfortunately ignored.  When I asked him whether he had reported the incident to his supervisor, he answered yes in a low voice, another red flag I ignored at the time.  As a business executive I learned the best way to solve problems was to talk them out in person, but the mailman and his supervisor preferred to keep me ignorant rather than informed; this yearlong attitude allowed the mailman to abuse me and my partner.  FedEx and UPS would never treat customers this way, and the postal bill of customer rights applies only to the front counter staff at post offices.  So when the November 10th incident happened, the front staff were horrified that no ten-day notice was left after the new inappropriate taking of our mail.  But the West Madison manager refused to acknowledge the required ten-day notice to protect his immature mailman to my disadvantage.  This same manager later lied to me promising a written reply to my postal complaint and instead turned the complaint over to the wayward mailman instead stabbing me in the back.  This happened after I settled the fraudulent disorderly conduct charge with a $187 payment to the City of Madison, exactly as I had explained in my last call to the Westside station manager.  Instead two weeks later the Marine brat mailman weaponized the process for a second time calling police when I tried to defend myself and my partner, falsely claiming stalking charges as we researched our counterclaim against the Marine brat.  Justice blocked for a second time with two policepersons.  The first time November 10th my constitutional right to petition my government over grievances was blocked as I was waiting to talk to the and the second time (April 30, 2021) my right to defend myself against the seven perjury (lying in police report) mailman was blocked by immature young police.  In both cases the Marine brat used lies and distortions to create a police response.  But they cannot block my defamation lawsuit if a use an attorney.  Expense and time drains favor the paid institutions of the postal service, police, and city attorney over a citizen only seeking to be treated fairly.  The mailman was bullying my partner to keep the mailbox empty each day and when two days of mail was left in the mailbox, the mailman took it November 10th claiming that a 93% empty mailbox was "completely full" as it had to be for the mailman to legally remove mail.  Bullied by a criminal postman and one-sided police.  Police seem to be biased in favor of large organizations and against individuals, clear case of groupthink.



Capitalism is based on the products becoming popular and more of the product is made and sold.  Life experience is that once you find a great new product, it is soon discontinued, rather than more product produced to meet the need.  This is what my partner calls "crapitalism".  Kind of like planned obsolescence in automobiles, products are forced down the consumers throat, rather than producing more of what people want.



Economic history shows that individuals, small inventors, are more productive in research than large organizations.  Hence the relatively slower progress of the empire society due to the lack of economic productivity of military spending.  Military spending does have, however, high political power productivity.  Power can reap economic benefits, but these are usually very limited in scope and benefits.  Military research is arcane and often too military specific or shrouded in secrecy to help the general economy.



Large organizations, businesses, governments, often have a feudalistic fiefdom nature in the militaristic society, where groupthink limits their potential.  Small business is the engine of ingenuity and job growth.  More info:



Future Trends

Large organizations and governments often slip into major wars under the circumstances where the last major war has become a distant memory.  Common sense in these things depend on forgetfulness of the terror of war.  Also governments are full of themselves with recent growth and capital accumulation.  Just as railroads led the way in the gilded age before the first World War, today the internet giants dominate the new gilded age where the rich have become enormously rich and powerful again.  Cycle theory (54-year) fits well for wars, civil rights changes, and pandemics, all of which peaked about a century ago (108-year cycle).  The Spanish Flu of 103 years ago compares to Covid 19 today, The World War of 1914 (1917 for USA) compares to rising tensions with China today and 2025 would be 108 years from America's entry into the World War.  Women's right to vote and Black Lives Matter George Floyd are 100 years apart and the voting rights act was 56 years ago.  But nuclear weapons deterred the Sino-Soviet border clashes of 1969 from developing into war and the nature of conflict is changing.  Have we already had our war with the virus killing 600,000 Americans?  Not clear.  Cyber war seems to be the new nature of war today.  Cross border wars have become rarer and rarer, with 90% soldier death in the first World War and 90% civilian deaths today.  Clearly the nature of war has changed and may be about to change again.


Groupthink Story by an Ancient Philosopher:



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Dr. Peace, Professor Robert Reuschlein, Real Economy Institute, Nobel Peace Prize nominee 2016-2021 with accelerating interest from the deciding Norwegians.  A consistently growing pattern shows intense interest in my work on my expertclick.com website; daily "hard looks" per year have gone from 2 to 3 to 48 to 128 to 200 to double last year's pace (187/101) so far, these 218 days since the last Peace award.

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