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A New Paradigm: University of One V/Classroom
Fred DiUlus, PhD Fred DiUlus, PhD
New York, NY
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

University of One V/Classroom

Out of This World Higher Education

What is out of this world higher education? It's not taught by Aliens, computers, nor long dead professors. Rather the new paradigm in higher education's online learning today puts the student in direct control to manage and run their class and advance the learning at their own pace, regardless of their age, Studies have shown they will learn more and absorb the learning faster than ever before.

Why? Because the online school is built entirely around a cyber learner management system to support the student, It is Global Academy's & Entertainment Arts Research Inc.(EARI)'s University of One™V/Classroom, an Artificial Intelligence 2D/3D Virtual and Augmented Reality totally Immersive and unique System of learning.

It is the 21st Century imitation of The Starship Enterprise's 24th Century Holodeck

San Gregorio College & University, a Global Academy newly developed, totally online, nonprofit, technically advanced university, is outfitted with all the  bells and whistles of a traditional brick and mortar college except buildings and all the accouterments that go with it are nonexistent. What the school has in place of buildings is its new school, literally located in Cyberspace. The building, classrooms, students and professors all exist exclusively in each students own augmented reality. 

Accelerated immersive learning technologically advanced by Global Academy and EARI represents the future is upon us. The purpose, according to the founders is to elevate real world education within an environment unique to each student and made available into every part of the world where every individual no matter in what nation they live may learn at will 24/7.

The University of One™V/Classroom experience is a student's personal Holodeck come to life not unlike taking a seat in a traditional real world class but with the luxury to halt the class, go back and examine what needs to be reviewed or was missed, light years a ahead of stop and go video becuase the student is with augmented reality.. Students enter their own virtual space alone or with others - made real and applicable to the individual's needs and wants to achieve and EXCEL at required learning, from the very first day of class.


Fred DiUlus, PhD is Chair and President Emeritus of Global Acsdemy (Online) is an Albert Nelson Marquis WHO’S WHO Lifetime Achievement Award nominee for his pioneering work in online higher education and developmental entrepreneurship. Found on Twitter @BestWorstOnline, Current Chancellor of SanGregorio College,  the1st to build its university entirely around the Univesity of One V/Classroom total immersive Learner System,

Joseph Saulter, MS is President and Founder of EARI (Entertainment Arts Research Inc.), an expert and leader in the global Video Game Industry. Former Chair of the International Game Developers Association’s (IGDA) Diversity Advisory Board Author of several Game Design and Development textbooks, President of the new Global Expermental College & University a research and training center of  advanced accelerated online learning, 

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