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In the age of coronavirus social distancing, marriage skills are reaching new audiences
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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


Marriage education skills are reaching new audiences in the age of coronavirus. One exercise is helping healthcare teams, couples, and families stay connected through social distancing.

In PAIRS classes, it’s called the “Daily Temperature Reading” or the “DTR”. Originally developed by Virginia Satir, the DTR is often the skill couples point to years later as having been the most useful. As the world adjusts to COVID-19 measures, Virginia Satir’s influence continues to make a difference.

Hope Huddles For Better Cooperation, Collaboration, and Productivity

Originally published on Medium.

Lifting each other up, heading off problems, encouraging open, accurate communication — that’s always important. Important becomes urgent when cooperation keeps people alive. In the Coronavirus Era of social distancing, Hope Huddles will improve productivity and strengthen collaboration. One version is based on an exercise developed decades ago by Virginia Satir, and it’s helped many couples, families, and teams bring out the best in each other.

Whether you’re in person, texting, or zooming, take five to 20 minutes to follow these five steps, in order, with the people who are important in your life. Because it’s valuable to do this regularly — ideally every day — keep your Hope Huddles to five to 20 minutes. Take turns in each area, giving each person in the huddle a chance to say something before you go on to the next step. When you can’t get together at the same time, write out your Hope Huddle, and share it.

Always start with Appreciations. Always finish with Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams. Sometimes there won’t be anything for the other areas of your Hope Huddle. That’s okay.

STEP 1 — Appreciations. Generous, sincere, and specific. Look for what’s right about a family member, friend, colleague, patient, student, or anyone else in your huddle — something they did that’s worthy of acknowledgment. Put it into words, and say it.

STEP 2 — New Information. Keep each other up-to-date. What happened last night, today, or in between? What’s coming up later? Pass on helpful and important information to stay informed and connected.

STEP 3 — Puzzles. Ask your questions. Don’t assume (“ass-u-me”). Check out anything you’re wondering about with the person or people who may have answers. Give others a chance to answer if they have an answer and are ready to share it. If answering takes a longer conversation, set a time for that to happen outside the time set aside for your Hope Huddle.

STEP 4 — Concerns with Recommendations. Head off issues before they become problems. Focus on one specific behavior or action. Include details of what you want instead. It’s about an action or behavior, not a person — we’re on the same team.

STEP 5 — Wishes, Hopes & Dreams. For ourselves or others; for today, this week, or this lifetime. Sharing goals and aspirations helps us know, support, and inspire each other.

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