Dave E. David, M.D. --- Doctor Spokesperson
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Dave E. David, M.D. --- Doctor Spokesperson
Boston, MA United States
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Welcomes paid invitations to speak.
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Dave E. David, M.D.
Boston, MA
United States
Main Phone: 508.505.6474
Contact Phone: 508.505.6474
Cell Phone: 508.404.3669
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If you have a medical product, pharmaceutical product or health/fitness product that could benefit by an endorsement by a prominent, well-known medical doctor, consider Dave E. David, M.D.

Dr. David has a warm nature and is very charismatic on camera and in person. As an experienced host and dynamic lecturer, his personality and naturally-inquisitive nature make him an exciting interviewer, television guest or spokesperson

Dr. David is a physician with 37 years of experience treating patients and serving as Assistant Clinical Professor at a major medical school. Harvard-trained and formerly on the teaching faculty at Harvard University, Dr. David is available to appear on television infomercials and commercials and as a spokesperson in several different venues for products he believes in.

Over 30 years of media experience includes appearances on CNN, FOX News Channel and as the live Medical News Analyst on New England Cable News, host of his own weekly television show (There's a Doctor in the House) and radio talk show, creator and host of Making Womb for Baby (full-length video on pregnancy and childbirth) and The Real Secrets to a Slimmer You (audio program).

Dr. David is a SAG/AFTRA member, well-versed with teleprompter, earprompter and well-trained in commercial and dramatic acting. His appearances include infomercials with prominent celebrities and as a guest on dozens of television talk shows and extensive national exposure and recognition.

Featured on the cover of Woman's World Magazine and with publications in countless lay magazines and prestigious medical journals, his patients have included members of the U.S. Olympic team, and he has functioned as a medical consultant to personal fitness trainers in southern California.

As a Cosmetic Surgeon, and Obstetrician and Gynecologist, as well as a weight loss specialist with a special interest in health, fitness and nutrition, Dr. David has expertise in many areas, including Human Sexuality, which he has taught at Harvard University. Dr. David is available as a media physician, to entertainingly inform viewers on a whole host of topics.