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Benjamin J. Cohen
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About: Price-CO Law is a boutique, concierge service firm, providing strategic legal advice. Its founding partner, Benjamin J. Cohen, draws on his expert knowledge of real estate, banking, and the distressed asset market, specializing in complex business transactions and commercial litigation. As an attorney, Mr. Cohen has successfully negotiated on behalf of his client's interests to protect millions...
Michael James Geanoulis, Sr. -- Author of 'Amendment Seventeen -- A Blessing or a Curse'
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About: Michael James Geanoulis, Sr. is a former electronics field engineer, a passionate student of American History and Economics, and a dedicated public servant with a strong interest in social issues. ...
Jack Kenny -- Cuba Travel Expert
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About: A rare chance to visit a country which is off limits to most Americans will be experienced by visitors to Jack Kenny’s photo exhibit beginning July 30, 2021 in Canton, MI. Michigan native Kenny is ...
Carl Peter Klapper -- $1500 Weekly Citizen Stipend
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About: C. P. Klapper is a scion of the Sherman and Delano families who learned algebra before entering school and who, in his tenth year, early read in political economy and has since solved problems of p...

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Benjamin J. Cohen

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