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Irv Schwary -- ZENTIREMENT
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About: Zentirement (R) The Book - coming in 2015. Remember the passion you had when you were a child; renew that passion for success, happiness and meaning. Live the fullest life before and after retirement. Retirement is more than just leaving your job or profession and sitting on a rocker. Follow Zentire Man at and on Social Media. WorkHard PlayHard Livelife (R)
Dr. Maynard Brusman - Emotional Intelligence & Mindful Leadership
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About: Dr. Maynard Brusman is a consulting psychologist, executive coach and president of Working Resources. We coach leaders to cultivate creativity, clarity, focus and trust in a full engagement culture. Maynard is an emotional intelligence and mindful leadership development expert. He facilitates leadership retreats nationally and in Costa Rica. He has appeared in a variety of media including Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, NBC, and Fast Company. The Society for Advancement of Consulting has awarded Dr. Maynard Brusman two rare 'Board Approvals' in leadership development and executive coaching.

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