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Meg Jordan, PhD., RN, CWP -- Global Medicine Hunter (R)
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About: USA Today describes Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, NBC-HWC as a 'health trendspotter'. She is a medical anthropologist, an international health journalist, radio personality, editor and founder of American Fitness Magazine, and the Global Medicine Hunter. She is Department Chair and Professor of Integrative Health Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco and has presented keynote addresses internationally. Dr. Jordan also practices as a behavioral medicine clinician, formerly at Health Medicine Center in northern California. Serving on the board of the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching, Dr Jordan is a recognized leader in the art and science of coaching psychology to improve health. Her programs have been reproduced in India and China and throughout t She is the author of five books including The Fitness Instinct, (Rodale Reach 1999), How To Be A Health Coach (GME,2013), and Integrative Health Coaching (Wellness Assoc, 2018).
Cody McLain -- Founded 3 Multi-million Dollar Companies
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About: Hey there, I’m Cody. I think a lot, and in my spare time, I do things. At least, that’s the simplistic version anyway. On this site, you’ll find some of my ideas, some of my pictures, and the occasional book or two. I’ve been building companies since middle school. I was one of those kids who skipped college to build a business. During the past decade, I’ve built quite a few of them and have developed an inalienable sense to keep building more. At some point though, I realized I spent too much time building things and not enough time sharing how I built them. Here, my work covers a variety of topics. If it had a core though, a theme if you will – it’d be about achieving our goals, doing more with less and learning how to change the world with some big ideas.

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