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Kae Wagner -- Branding Expert
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Kae Wagner -- Branding Expert
Philadelphia, PA United States
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Kae Wagner
Lancaster, PA
United States
Contact Phone: 717-951-6049

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Business owners say their biggest issue is getting new customers. Effective sales and marketing strategies, along with great execution, fixes that problem.
It's a digital world and many Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and online experts are behind the 8 ball when it comes to automated sales funnels and digital marketing efforts.
At the same time, many corporations are struggling with how to engage their employees in their brand values, how to improve their culture and show their belief in inclusion and equality for all.

Here are a few strategies to get you started:
1. Define your values and communicate them to your costumers and team members. Your values drive your culture and your brand is a reflection of both.
2. Take a pro-active approach to communicate your values and beliefs to your customers, your community Build a foundation of credibility and fortitude for potential rocky times.

Your marketing needs to reflect your leadership:
1. Know your buyer inside and out. Early Adopter, Info Processor or Late Bloomer? How you share your message is key. Early Adopters buy fast and furiously and love what's new. Info Processors want data, reviews, credentials, a proven process, testimonials and tons of info before they make a decision. Late Bloomers are cautious, risk-averse and don't like change.
2. Communicate often and always give value. Be the marketer and communicator who always gives value and serves for the greater good of the customer. Good communication never gets old and never goes out of style.
3. Use imagery to reinforce your message. Pictures, icons, images, memes are eye-catching, memorale
and draw people to your message.

How we help Business Owners, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Agencies, Coaches/Consultants and Online Experts:
? The Confident Speaker: https://kaewagner.simplero.com/page/187628-the-confident-speaker-program
? Booked for Speaking Success (Get booked on bigger Stages and expand your Business)
? 1:1 Marketing Coaching and Consulting
? Unlimited Laser Copywriting: Copy Review Free Session: https://calendly.com/kaewagner/60-minute-copywriting-review
? The Coaching Journey Mastermind - Join our FB Group here: www.facebook.com/groups/thecoachingjourney/
? The VIP Connections Group - How High-performers stretch and grow their networks

Get to know us at the X2 Forum where we focus on Proven Marketing Strategies that get (and keep) Clients. https://kaewagner.simplero.com/page/163923-x2-forum-registration