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Dateline: Wilmington , DE
Friday, July 12, 2019

peoplehttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&How to tie a tie?Fri, 12 Jul 2019 18:43:12 +0000en-UShourly1https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.8https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2.js?t=1&/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/cropped-favicon-1-75x75.pngpeoplehttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&3232Tips For Using The Google Search Engine To Increase Productivityhttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/tips-for-using-the-google-search-engine-to-increase-productivity/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/tips-for-using-the-google-search-engine-to-increase-productivity/#respondSat, 01 Jun 2019 22:56:40 +0000http://executivesdiary.com/executivesdiary/?p=3013Tips for Using the Google Search Engine to Increase Productivity Date : February 2, 2018 By Nauman K It seems like modern humans can’t live without food, water or Google. We all use Google. However, not all of us are using Google as wisely as we could be when it comes to getting the search […]

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Using Your Online Reputation To Find Jobshttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/using-your-online-reputation-to-find-jobs/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/using-your-online-reputation-to-find-jobs/#respondSat, 01 Jun 2019 22:39:46 +0000http://executivesdiary.com/executivesdiary/?p=3005Using Your Online Reputation To Find Jobs Date : February 5, 2018 By Nauman K C Level executives often have an online presence simply because they are working in the digital age. However, you must be aware of how to leverage your online reputation for your own gain. This article explains what to do when […]

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Future Of Virtual Realityhttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/future-of-virtual-reality/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/future-of-virtual-reality/#respondSat, 01 Jun 2019 22:32:47 +0000http://executivesdiary.com/executivesdiary/?p=3000Future of Virtual Reality Date : March 9, 2018 By Nauman K Virtual reality is an amazing technology that presents wide-ranging opportunities. Right now, the limiting factor is the technology, but as the technology improves the limits will only be the ones places by our imaginations. If TV producers have the right idea then we […]

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Real Tools Healthcare Can Implement To Address the Opioid Epidemic – Part Fourhttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-four/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-four/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 22:38:22 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1122In my third article, I spent probably too much time explaining how we can re-architect the medication reconciliation process to get a better med list, resulting in better care across the system. After a little bit of cleanup of that idea, this article will extend our reach in helping identify at-risk individuals, so we can […]

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Real Tools Healthcare Can Implement To Address the Opioid Epidemic – Part Threehttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-three/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-three/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 22:36:51 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1120Medication Reconciliation – What’s Really Going On? In my previous two articles, we addressed some “easy” ideas for services the help identify and prevent opioid addiction before and after surgery. We were able to look at simple flowcharts to relay those ideas in a way which I hope could be understood by just about anyone. […]

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Real Tools Healthcare Can Implement To Address the Opioid Epidemic – Part Twohttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-two/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic-part-two/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 22:30:50 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1118Part Two – Post-Op Opioid Exit Service In my previous article, I covered the first of my ideas in the PRITTI framework for steps in healthcare to help address the opioid epidemic. From a social media perspective, I should take a break before posting this second article, but I can’t stop the words rattling in […]

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Real Tools Healthcare Can Implement To Address the Opioid Epidemichttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/real-tools-healthcare-can-implement-to-address-the-opioid-epidemic/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 22:25:49 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1116Part One – Presurgical Medication Reconciliation There is plenty of coverage of the opioid epidemic, how it crosses all socioeconomic groups, and how it often begins with a pain management issue. There is also plenty of coverage of point solutions attempting to address some aspect of the crisis. I have no magic wand to solve […]

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Got me to thinking! Student Safetyhttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/got-me-to-thinking-student-safety/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/got-me-to-thinking-student-safety/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 18:17:15 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1087Student Safety 1.0 Since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) tragedy articles have been written, students and adults have taken to the streets and legislation has been passed to protect our students and schools. In Florida, Governor Rick Scott passed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act. This legislation invokes significant reforms to make […]

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Got me to thinking!https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/got-me-to-thinking/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/got-me-to-thinking/#respondWed, 03 Oct 2018 18:14:28 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/?p=1072Got me to thinking! is a series of articles that draws on my 30+ years in K-12 Education and technology. I had the opportunity to serve as Chief Information Officer for Miami Dade County Public Schools from 2002 until 2018. Many of you have lived through this period and understand the changes occurring in schools and […]

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The TWO Dark Horses in This Racehttps://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/the-two-dark-horses-in-this-race/https://greatinstagrampage.com/y2?t=1&/the-two-dark-horses-in-this-race/#respondWed, 26 Sep 2018 18:40:43 +0000http://www.executivesdiary.com/executivesdiary/?p=650The cannabis industry is booming and everyone wants to get a share of it. With the industry offering investors numerous investment opportunities, lab testing remains one of the best entry points into the cannabis industry. But how can a real estate company invest in lab testing without getting into the cannabis business directly? The truth […]

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