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Your Year 2023 Speaking Mystery
Frank DiBartolomeo --  Presentation Coach For Technical Professionals Frank DiBartolomeo -- Presentation Coach For Technical Professionals
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Centreville, VA
Sunday, January 1, 2023


“Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man’s desire to understand.”

– Neil Armstrong, The first man to step on the Moon

The publishing of this article happens to coincide with the first day of the year 2023 – January 1, 2023. Happy New Year!

It’s time to make New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I prefer to create firm goals for the New Year with time-bounded completion dates. Try this to get something accomplished in the New Year.

However, the best-laid plans sometimes have to be revised. If you have to do this, keep your goals and change the methods you use to attain these goals.

Let’s face it; the Year 2023 is a speaking mystery to you and me. Some questions you are asking yourself: To whom will I speak? Will I be speaking in person or virtually? Where am I willing to travel to speak?

You cannot unequivocally state the answers to these speaking questions at the beginning of the Year 2023. Take my advice. You want the answers to unfold throughout the year.

Below are some things to consider about each Year 2023 speaking mystery question:

To Whom Will I Speak?

My thoughts on this turn to the sales industry. It takes five to seven times the effort to create a new customer compared to selling to an existing customer.

It also takes five to seven times the effort to create a new speaking venue compared to speaking to a venue for which you have previously spoken.

The lesson here is clear. Keep in touch with speaking venues in which you have previously spoken. They know you already.

You may be asking yourself why would a previous venue want you back to speak. Three excellent reasons are:

  • You are a known speaker since you spoke at the venue before. The event planner knows precisely what they are getting. You are pre-qualified.

  • The event planner knows what it is like to work with you.

  • The event planner knows you will give the audience a Call to Action to implement what you say in your presentation.

This makes it easier to book your presentation at a venue where you have already spoken.

This being said, I advise you to keep seeking new venues to speak. New and old speaking venues provide you with what is known as a “pipeline.” A pipeline is a schedule of presentations that you have throughout the year. This is what you want; a steady schedule of presentations.

So the first part of your Year 2023 Speaking Mystery is where you will speak in 2023.

With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, speaking virtually has become accepted.

Will I Be Speaking In-Person or Virtually?

Virtual speaking is now accepted, so venues may request your presentation be virtual. One reason some venues may be virtual is the employees, or members of the organization may be geographically separated. Virtual speaking may be your only option to speak.

With virtual speaking now accepted, I know professional speakers that only speak virtually. It saves money on traveling, the time it takes to travel, and the price you charge for your services which all organizations prefer.

For those that want to go purely virtual, more power to them. However, as I am sure you realize, virtual speaking cannot replace in-person speaking for the energy you feel from the audience, the energy your audience feels from you, and your in-person body language. Studies have shown body language is the majority of communications. You lose a good bit of this communication speaking virtually.

This being said, virtual speaking is a growth industry. Don’t ignore it.

I advise having in-person and virtual versions of each of your presentations. This way, you will never have to refuse a presentation request.

The advantages of virtual speaking are:

  • Being able to show videos instantaneously

  • Your audience is watching your presentation in the privacy of their home

  • It saves travel costs, time not working while traveling, and audio/visual costs.

The disadvantages of virtual speaking are:

  • Loss of body language communication

  • Energy lost from your audience

  • Your energy not felt by your audience

So, two of your Year 2023 Speaking Mysteries have been uncovered: where will you speak, and will you speak in-person or virtually?

Even though virtual speaking has caught the world by surprise, most likely, you will have opportunities to speak in person. You still have the power to choose where you speak in person. Which brings up another question: Where am I willing to travel to speak?

Where am I Willing to Travel to Speak?

The first question to ask yourself when you speak in person is, “Do I want to speak only in the area where I live, or am I willing to venture out of my site to speak?

I live in the Washington, DC area, which has many venues where I can speak. However, if you choose to live in a less densely populated area, you will probably have to travel more to create revenue to make your speaking business viable.

In-person presentations involving traveling by air, train, or automobile will cost you and your client more due to the cost of transportation, hotel rooms, and meals. Your client may be willing to absorb this extra cost if they want you and only you to speak. This is a good position for you. This position gives you negotiating leverage.

However, you may have to compromise if your client has a budget that does not meet your price. As long as the client can cover your travel costs with some extra to make it worth your time, you can compromise by asking the client for the e-mail addresses of the attendees, booking a follow-on presentation when the client has more budgeted funds, and get a referral to another organization that fits your presentation profile.

If the client’s budget does not cover at least your travel costs, I advise you to instead offer a virtual alternative for less cost. Losing money on presentations is a “slippery slope.” If you are willing to do this once, you might be willing to do it again. Remember, above all, you are running a business that “puts food on the table” and provides for a “rainy day.” If the client cannot cover your costs and is unwilling to have a virtual alternative, it may be best to walk away. However, stay on good terms with this particular client. Ask the client for a referral. Also, times and budgets change. They may still be able to book you next year for the price you are charging.

These are some considerations regarding where you are willing to travel to speak. There are more considerations only you can discover, given your particular situation. So take out a yellow legal pad and “think on paper.”

Your Year 2023 Speaking Mysteries?

As time goes on in the Year 2023, you will uncover your speaking mysteries.

Good speaking mystery hunting!

Call to Action

  • Ensure to whom you decide to speak fits the audience profile

  • There is a myriad of virtual speaking opportunities in the post-COVID-19 era. Don’t dismiss them. At the same time, don’t pass up opportunities to speak in-person

  • When presented with an opportunity to travel outside your area to speak, take out a yellow legal pad and write down the advantages and disadvantages of the travel. Then decide whether to travel or not. If you choose not to travel, offer the client a virtual alternative.

“Each person is an enigma. You’re a puzzle not only to yourself but also to everyone else, and the great mystery of our time is how we penetrate this puzzle.”

Theodore Zeldin, Oxford scholar and thinker

Frank DiBartolomeo is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and award-winning speaker, presentation and interview skills coach, and Professional Member of the National Speakers Association. He was awarded Toastmasters International’s highest individual award, Distinguished Toastmaster because of his outstanding work in public speaking and leadership.

Frank formed DiBartolomeo Consulting International (DCI), LLC (www.speakleadandsucceed.com) in 2007. The mission of DCI is to help technical professionals to inspire, motivate, and influence their colleagues and other technical professionals by improving their presentation skills, communication, and personal presence. Reach Frank at frank@speakleadandsucceed.com and (703) 509-4424.


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