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You can take advantage of a new kind of instruction- Arts in Ed at Home!
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Friday, December 25, 2020

As a new ASTC member, NEO works with EDUDesigns to transform hybrid learning into new outlooks, skills and attitudes!
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Consider making a contribution to EDUdesigns.org this Christmas or let them make a donation to you by their discounted master book: SEE WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING AT.

You will be happy, kids will be happy, and you will get multiple returns for your investment for years to come.


Ho, Ho, Ho- the research is in drawing builds brains, bodies, spirits and skills whether as a hobby or as a future or present profession.  Enjoy Roscoe and help Dani and Ruth build their outreach this season.

Christmas Day, 2020

Using Art as a gateway into mindful awareness, self-confidence, academic success and creating a new understanding of the world, the seasons, and others....a drawing at a time.


Bo Lebo

Director of New Education Options



Music, Art, Performance, Instruction, Brain based Learning may provide a new away to restore our economies, help workers, define commerce and culture...please consider a donation in the meantime to a charity, artist, radio station, club, restaurant, bookstore, nonprofit, artist, or gofund me of your choice....we all need the resiliency this will provide.

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