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‘You Are Who You Eat’ Cannibal Diet's Ina Hillebrandt Agrees Not to Attend BEA
Ina Hillebrandt -- Author, Publisher, Writing Coach, Speaker Ina Hillebrandt -- Author, Publisher, Writing Coach, Speaker
Los Angeles, CA
Wednesday, May 11, 2016


'You Are Who You Eat' Cannibal Diet's Ina Hillebrandt Yields Floor to Civilians

Author Agrees Not to Attend in the Flesh. Her Book of Cartoons, Jokes and Diet Tips For the Cannibal – And Civilian – Connoisseur Will Be Present At BEA -- At BPSC Booth #1176.

Chicago, May 11, 2016 – After a hard fought dispute, publisher Pawpress is pleased to announce that a settlement with management has been reached. In return for the imprint's agreement to keep author Ina Silvert Hillebrandt and followers of her weight control plan from stalking the corridors of this year's Book Expo, the book will be allowed to appear onsite. At the booth of the intrepid Irwin Zucker, founder of Book Publicists of Southern California, Booth #1176. Author Ina Silvert Hillebrandt will be available for remote – and safe – interviews: (310) 497-5653, InaH@InasPawprints.com.

Not the first dispute. Pawpress acknowledges that some members of the public, while intrigued, express confusion when seeing the cover and title of this book. Comments such as, "Is this a book about sex, Ina?" And, "That's so true. You are what you eat!" "This is a book about eating right, and dieting, right?" are followed, upon looking inside, by, "Wait a minute… Is this tongue in cheek? Whose tongue? Whose cheek?" And, "Everybody is so concerned about nutrition and weight loss. It's refreshing to just laugh about it."  Of course there are those who say, "Cannibals? Yick!" To which Ina replies, "To eat his own."     

So what is this book, and who is it for? Low cal tips like "Lay off fried people" make You Are Who You Eat the ideal weight loss guide for anyone -- cannibal and civilian alike -- who has trouble stopping after that first bite. And for people who relish cannibal jokes. Mouth-watering illustrations, previously unpublished, are by the late Playboy, Esquire, The New Yorker and Disney cartoonist Dedini. Former chubby teen-cum-consultant-to-Weight Watchers Ina Silvert Hillebrandt created the diet and cooking tips, along with ideas to nourish the inner cannibal (and non-imbibers) while slimming down. Uncle Dan tossed social satire into the pot -- his recipe for skewered presidents is to die for, and this cooking tip, "Use Oil of Olé when sautéing Spaniards," makes so much sense when you see how he fleshes it out.

Publisher Pawpress is proud to note that in February 2016, You Are Who You Eat was added to the collection of The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University, where a number of original cartoons featuring Dedini's signature luscious women and lascivious men, along with other art, are housed. Dedini and his art are being honored at a special exhibit at the Billy Ireland from 2/13 - 5/22/2016.



Author and Illustrator Bios

Author of 'You Are Who You Eat,' Ina Silvert Hillebrandt. Even as a kid, she loved playing with her food

Author Ina Silvert Hillebrandt - Spearhead Of 'You Are Who You Eat.' Even As A Young Kid, She Loved Playing With Her Food. Ina was always a foodie and indeed became a chubby pre-teen. Though she has remained slim, she's always been plagued by a fear of eating too much, or what she calls a "fat head." Which led her to years of studying and practicing every form of Weight Control on the planet. She finally graduated. Became a Fortune 500 marketing/strategic planning consultant. Early clients:  Weight Watchers. And Dunkin' Donuts. "Weight Watcher clients usually had donut crumbs on their lips," she's fond of recalling. She also worked for IBM, a lot of financial institutions, like Citibank, TV networks, airlines and food manufacturers, as well as nonprofits. These days, she's a writing coach and publisher, and a writer. With screenplay and TV treatments in discussion for development. Books include bestsellers Pawprints – the book used in a Jane Goodall Educators' Workshop that grew into a literacy program for kids, How to Write Your Memoirs, and Stories From the Heart, Vol. 2, a compendium of tales by students from different countries, and different eras. Her publishing arm has over a dozen titles, ranging from poetry to memoir, mystery to kids' books.

Eldon Dedini photo, at the time he did Donald Duck cartoon shorts at Disney.

About Dedini, Illustrator and Cover Artist

ldon Dedini is best known worldwide for his cartoons in The New Yorker, Playboy and Esquire. The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum has an exhibit honoring him Feb 13-May 22. They have also added You Are Who You Eat to their Dedini collection. A fine documentary about the man showing his warmth, humanity, wit and love of life is available for all to see on YouTube. Links:  http://YouAreWhoYouEat.net/about-illustrator-dedini/

Ina's Uncle Dan, contributor of social satire and cannibal lore, and a great humanitarian

About Uncle Dan

Ina's Uncle Dan contributed social satire, too many puns to count, and a fine sense of social justice to You Are Who You Eat. In his other life, he was recognized as an artist -- the top furniture refinisher in Philadelphia. And beloved as a man who was kind, generous and one who supported important cultural and social institutions, including the Philadelphia Libraries.

The book  'You Are Who You Eat. is dedicated to the founding spear-it, Ina's dad, Abe Silvert

Our Founding Spear-It, Ina's Dad, Abe Silvert

You Are Who You Eat is really a family affair. Ina's dad started the cannibal joke tradition. A born storyteller, he kept two young kids (Ina and her brother Conrad) from committing suicide on 3,000 mile car trips every year -- driving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and back again -- by telling all sorts of tales, many true. Related to this book – he'd be talking, then suddenly, silent. Ina and Conrad never worried. Sure enough, a minute later, out would come a cannibal joke. The rest is history.


Cannibal chef and diet guru Marietta Mandible, mentor to Ina Silvert Hillebrandt, author, 'You Are Who You Eat, The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet.'
Marietta Mandible, shown mid-meal prep, is a consummate cannibal chef and diet guru. People do say the resemblance to Ina is remarkable. Ina shrugs. 'She's prettier, I think. The thing that's important here is how knowledgeable and generous she is. I am eternally grateful. Who knew "Lay off fried people" was an absolutely perfect way to lose weight?'

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