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Writing & Speaking: Like Peanut Butter & Jelly!
Robin Jay --  Las Vegas Keynote Speaker Robin Jay -- Las Vegas Keynote Speaker
Las Vegas, NV
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Robin Jay, President of the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is Seeking Authors & Speakers
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Writing and speaking have always gone together like peanut butter and jelly. But not all writers or speakers are equipped to do both. That is why the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau is looking for speakers who want to get published and authors who want to speak. The bureau has assembled an outstanding team of experts to help these professionals make their mark and distinguish themselves in what is becoming a very crowded field.

If you are:

? A writer looking to get published, and you are torn between self-publishing or selling your book,

? An author looking to promote your book,

? A speaker who needs to get their book written and published, or

? A speaker who is anxious to share your knowledge and get more paid speaking engagements,

the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau wants to get to know you. The LVCSB and their partners will help you to get published and establish yourself as a preferred, PAID speaker.

The LVCSB is currently seeking authors & speakers for their new Author/ Speakers listing under the BOOK A SPEAKER menu at www.LVCSB.com. Many of the meeting planners who contact the speakers bureau are looking for speakers who are also authors, so between now and November 30, 2012, the LVCSB will be offering a limited number of packages for authors who want to expand their careers by becoming successful, paid speakers, and for speakers who want to build their brand and expertise by becoming published authors.

Robin Jay, President of the LVCSB, explains, "One of the fastest ways to succeed as a speaker is by being supported and promoted by speakers bureaus. Unfortunately, the majority of speakers bureaus won't list a speaker unless that speaker is already listed with other bureaus (or they are the latest guest on the Today Show!) It's a real 'Catch ? 22'; they don't have the courage necessary to believe in new talent, but I do. Plus, I know that with support from the A-List team I?ve assembled, we can help speakers and writers accomplish their goals and succeed. So, I am extending a very special, very exclusive offer to a limited number of authors and speakers.?

Jay says, "I am excited to share that I am teaming up with two of the most outstanding experts in the fields of writing, publishing, and promotion:

? Deborah Herman, literary agent and co-founder of the Writer Entrepreneur Network, www.theWEnet.ning.com, and

? John Kremer, the foremost book marketing and book promotion expert of our time

"When Deborah told me that one of the biggest concerns her writer members have is how to build a speaking platform, I knew my programs, connections, and experience could help. That is why I created a very special program that ? as a bonus ? will include placement on the LVCSB Website for added exposure and marketing power.

I?ve included tons of added value ? from being able to ask Deborah and John questions one-on-one to receiving help getting published to building a media kit that will get you hired for PAID speaking gigs. Most speakers will enjoy having access to a top literary agent and will benefit tremendously by all that John has to offer, too"

"For a limited time, speakers will receive a 1-year listing under the all-new AUTHORS/ SPEAKERS page on the drop-down BOOK A SPEAKER menu button at www.LVCSB.com. Having a bureau listing will help speakers to define themselves as an expert in their field. They will be able to refer to themselves as a 'featured author ? speaker' with the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau. And, I will show them how to leverage this listing to get listed with other speakers bureaus, because the more bureaus you're listed with, the more speaking engagements you're likely to get"

This package delivers a value of more than $3500; it includes two seminars with Robin's guests - Literary Agent Deb Herman and Marketing Guru John Kremer, as well as a group coaching call, a special teleseminar on writing press releases that will get read, mention in an international press release, and - most importantly - the high visibility of being seen on the speakers bureau website. Speakers and authors will get all this for just $597.00. The deadline for sign ups is 11/30/12.

Jay says, "Authors and speakers who take advantage of this special opportunity will save THOUSANDS of dollars, YEARS of time, and will put themselves LIGHT YEARS ahead of all the other speakers" Jay knows what it takes to succeed in this field; she is an award-winning author, speaker, publisher, and recently wrote and produced the award-winning film, The Keeper of the Keys, which stars the self-help industry's most iconic speakers and authors: Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marci Shimoff.

For details about the package and everything that comes with it, interested speakers and authors should click here. The deadline for this valuable package is Nov. 30, 2012

Listings are limited. Email Robin@LVCSB.com to reserve an exclusive spot today. Be sure to include ALL contact information ? including phone number and time zone, a head shot, and your area of expertise, and be sure to put "SPEAKERS BUREAU LISTING" in the subject line. For more information, call Robin @ 702-460-1420 or email Robin@LVCSB.com

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Name: Robin Jay
Title: President
Group: Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau
Dateline: Las Vegas, NV United States
Direct Phone: 702-460-1420
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