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Woke Protests Creates Centers with No Law & Order: David Rubin Knows This Will Be Disastrous for the U.S. if Left Unchecked
David Rubin - Author of 'Trump and the Jews' David Rubin - Author of 'Trump and the Jews'
Shiloh, NC
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Woke Protests Creates Centers with No Law & Order: David Rubin Knows This Will Be Disastrous for the U.S. if Left Unchecked

Nearly forgotten now are the billions of dollars in theft and damage done to businesses across the country as well-meaning, yet ignorant, main stream liberals seek to defund and abandon police departments. David Rubin, author of Trump and the Jews and a political commentator, knows this trend is a path to destruction as it has been in Israel, where he was Mayor of Shiloh after growing up in Brooklyn. The fallout of having cities or universities with no law enforcement means it is open season for criminals and a wedge for serious political groups seeking to break the system down.

When cities abandon law and order it only gives intense and well-funded groups more reason to seize the opportunity to create additional chaos and anarchy. It is very difficult to build a safe and beautiful city but extremely easy to rapidly burn it down. David Rubin sees the signs, just like with Hamas and the PLO in Israel, as the momentum grows to tear everything apart as fast as possible. Tentacles of destruction are reaching into nooks and crannies of government departments, businesses, schools of every rank, churches, synagogues and homes calling everything a society believes into question.

This is only the start of what will descend into anarchy if allowed to continue, and David Rubin's experience with issues on the West Bank of Israel offer some insight.  

David Rubin, whose 3-year son was injured in a terror attack, wrote this when pondering if this was an insurrection? "Is that a bit of an exaggeration? Not at all. Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter are very active in spearheading these so-called protests and they make it very clear in their doctrine on websites and elsewhere, that their goal is nothing less than the violent overthrow of the American system of government. They want to do to the United States what Hamas wants to do to Israel. They just have fewer guns and no missiles, yet. They also want to destroy the capitalist economy and that, in addition to blatant lawlessness, is what the looting is all about."

Under the cover of protesting racism, far-left groups will take advantage of every opportunity to up the ante again and again. Possessing a convenient blanket of outrage, like the cover of a war for ethnic cleansing or atrocities, gives hard liners free reign so massive that stores can be looted, people killed, large areas of a cities turned into autonomous zones in order to create sufficient unrest to warrant seizing control of private and public institutions.

Like all revolutions, they eventually eat their own children. Witness the array of high-profile liberals, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Tina Fey or Jimmy Kimmel, who now have crosshairs on their foreheads for not toeing the party line properly.   

It is all very clear to David Rubin as he explains, "The nation of Israel has had vast experience dealing with similar rebellions, but there the lines are more clearly drawn, with less confusion. What can we learn from Israel in confronting this recurring powder keg, which seems to get worse every time it explodes? What are we Americans failing to do in quelling these riots? The first step is to recognize it for what it is. It is not a protest. A protest is a strong expression of disagreement, often in large groups, but usually not violent. A riot is when a protest becomes violent and out of control."

There is nothing mysterious about this process, it has been seen again and again throughout history.

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