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‘Without Redemption’ One of Most Complete Serial Killer Bios Ever Written, Elements of Bill Bonin Story Revealed for First Time
Vonda Pelto, Ph.D.-- Serial Killer Expert Vonda Pelto, Ph.D.-- Serial Killer Expert
Long Beach, CA
Monday, August 29, 2022

‘Without Redemption’ One of Most Complete Serial Bios Ever Written, Elements of Bill Bonin Story Revealed for First Time

Los Angeles, CAWithin the realm of serial killer biographies there are a number of factors which limit achieving a completely in-depth and well-rounded portrait. Without Redemption: Creation and Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Who Escaped Justice has achieved something non-fiction serial killer books rarely do—truly finding large and small events which created the serial killer to come while also peering into Bonin's mind, during and after the murder spree, through his own writings and confidential interviews with co-author Vonda Pelto, Ph.D., who met with him on many occasions while working at Los Angeles Men's Central Jail.

A massive number of investigative documents, collected by many different law enforcement agencies, allowed Pelto and Michael B. Butler to create a detailed account of Bonin's life up until he was given the death penalty. One of the tragic aspects is how many times Bonin slipped through the system, arrested and identified as dangerous but let out again and again till he exploded in a murderous rage.

Broken down into four parts, Without Redemption discloses a Bill Bonin previously unknown to the public, solves two murder mysteries and unlocks how one day of crossroads and coincidences, in the midst of the murder spree, profoundly impacted many lives and future events.

Many elements of the Bonin story are being revealed for first time, some which can be viewed in the following excerpt from Bonin's jailhouse diaries during Christmas 1980, six months after his final arrest:

"Tonight is one of those nights I'm listening to two people, Mike and Don, arguing about whether a boa constrictor snake will or will not crush an infant or bite a sleeping human being. Neither person will give in so they continue to argue. Finally someone yelled, 'Shut the f--- up.' The arguing continues. Now others join in telling them to shut up, finally after another hour goes by they shut up.

"Believe me you can hear all the authorities on all subjects in jail. And if you check on their stories, 75% of the time it's all bulls---, just things that were passed on from one person to the other. If a person hears a story that sounds good then it becomes fact to him and no one can make him change his mind, even if what he is saying is bullshit and has no merit to it. The reason mainly is the guys in jail hate to admit to another in jail that he is wrong.

"Christmas Eve, Wednesday, December 24, 1980: Thanksgiving dinner was pretty good. We should have a pretty good Christmas Day Dinner and New Year's Day Dinner also. X-Mas time is the time of the year the hardest to do time. You feel your being locked up more as it is more noticeable to you. It is a lonely time of year and the hurt just hurts more during the time span from Thanksgiving until after New Year's Day is passed.

"It is X-Mas eve and the lights are out. The night shift left the radio on for us. All the music is Christmas music. It helps, yet it hurts. I love music, especially Church Hymns and Christmas music. This is the time on X-Mas eve when I reflect on my life. I don't like what I see. I can only try to control what happens in the present and future. The time for a change is long past and so I must make a change. The hate, the anger, the frustration and all the hurt must be left behind. Only good and love can go forward from this night forward. I shall try to live up to this promise I have just made to myself. Well it's 10:30 p.m. and they cut of the radio. So much for music on this X-mas eve.

"Christmas Day, Thursday, December 25, 1980: This morning breakfast was the usual SOS, Corn Flakes, milk and 2 donuts. I stayed up this morning as Freeway Time started on cell #1. Larry was 2nd out and then me. We talked most of the time. We talked about things that would have kept us out of trouble and alternative actions to things that have happened in the past. The results were quite interesting. It seems that the alternatives never occur to a person until it's too late.

"I feel people should get off by themselves once in a while and look at what is going on around them. I don't mean for an hour or two, I mean for a day or two or an entire weekend. Time to reflect on one's past and how to make the future better. See what they want in life and how to get it without interfering in other people's lives in an unlawful way."

Watch the Without Redemption Book Trailer at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0URvlYN9Tbw

  • How childhood abuse & Vietnam War service helped create what followed.
  • How Bonin manipulated California judicial, mental health & prison systems for nine years before the killings.
  • Interviews of Bonin, Miley & Munro with Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. before, during & after his Los Angeles trial.
  • Bonin's jailhouse writings offer new perspective on his brutality, methods, thoughts and personality.
  • How & why Bonin covered for accomplice Eric Wijnaendts, who helped him with two murders.
  • Why March 24, 1980, is a key date in the Bill Bonin story.

Without Redemption: Creation & Deeds of Freeway Killer Bill Bonin, His Five Accomplices & How One Escaped Justice, ISBN: 979-8841931249, Hard Cover ISBN: 979-8844477775. For more info go to www.WithoutRedemption.com or purchase the book at Amazon.

Media Contact: For review copies of Without Redemption or author interviews contact Flotsam PR at 319-504-3788 or writerb@pm.me.  

About the Authors:

Vonda Pelto, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and author of Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman Who Kept Los Angeles' Serial Killers Alive. Her time spent working in Los Angeles Men's Central Jail with notorious serial killers and murderers, from September 1981 till February 1985, provided the basis for Without Remorse and Without Redemption. Michael B. Butler, author of A World Flight Over Russia, is a professional photographer who has worked extensively in book, travel and corporate PR.

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