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With Total Disgust for the Never-Ceasing Washington Blunders - - - resigning from President Trump’s Advisory Board!
Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD --  Anti-Aging Medicine Expert Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD -- Anti-Aging Medicine Expert
Los Angeles , CA
Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM

From allowing special (carbon, GMO, Big Pharma) interests to take us to the cleaners, poisoning us and our environment with Endocrine-disrupting toxins, falsely claiming delivered election promises, and topping it off with the scientifically illogical, earth-destructing withdrawal from the Paris Agreement - and more, AND MORE - - leaves me no choice but to exit President Trump's Advisory Board as an active member. I will still be writing advisories in the hope that at least some science logic may wake you up from the carbon ElToroPooPooo that President Trump – apparently – is so susceptible to.

 Mr. President, Donald Trump: When giving motivational talks about applied anti-aging, or presenting my work at medical congresses worldwide, it became obvious that people's opinions about Climate Change – tremendously affecting health/aging - were never based on evaluating all the, quite complex, science facts. But when presented with straight-forward facts about climate change, people quickly up-dated their views; didn't want to be known as scientific ignoramuses. So, I hoped that presenting you with science facts, and explaining why they are threatening our/earth's future would have the same results - - you and your people grasping the severity of Climate Change. I wrote advisories documenting the reality and severity of climate change. However, the actions your administration is taking show an extreme disconnect from reality and appear totally caused by the greed-based special (carbon) interests, and to sustain carbon profits, COME HELL OR HIGH WATER (literally), AND TO A DEGREE THAT THIS DISHONESTY/DICONNECT BOGGLES ONE'S MIND.

Global Warming, Climate Change, IS a scientifically established fact. Discussion over! In the light of the severity of climate change to exit the Paris Agreement is not only illogical and truly brainless, but clearly shows a complete lack of understanding science facts. The audacity of Know-It-All non-science ignoramuses to delay urgently needed measures, thus GREATLY increasing future costs, and bringing earth to a point of NO RETURN - - all this to sustain carbon profits – - is BEYOND COMPREHENSION. In attempting to find justification for the scientifically illogical, earth-destructing, thermodynamics violating actions, in search of a common denominator, one is stuck with only one – actually biblical – interpretation, namely that all of this has boiled down to a simple truth: a battle of the Light against the Dark, i.e. Good versus Evil. Pope Francis, genuinely brilliant, suggested similar thinking.  http://www.worldhealth.net/forum/thread/101101/thank-you-pope-francis-the-world-is-in/?page=1#post-101101 and


So, how severe is the problem?

  1. The problems caused by the environmental blunders – specifically the near complete arctic ice losses - are so alarming that a team of scientists from Arizona State University worked out a plan to "refreeze" the Arctic. The fact that the $500 billion plan, which would use millions of wind pumps to circulate colder water to the surface of the ice where it would freeze is even being discussed "reveals just how desperately worried researchers have become about the Arctic."  


       b. Steven Hawking: "Earth has had it.!"

      c. Scientists confirm: only 10 years left to save the planet. Carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction by 50+% is an absolute must, and of extreme urgency because a) side effect are increased/tripled wildfires that put CO2 back into the equation and raises costs exponentially, and b) methane release from permafrost areas (103 times as potent as CO2 in causing - further accelerating, exponentially  - climate change).     http://www.iiasa.ac.at/web/home/about/news/170413-carbon-cycle.html

     d. Top GW scientists: "Earth has already entered the next – the sixth - earth extinction period" and it is, like the fifth - the Permian - methane caused. https://weather.com/science/nature/news/sixth-mass-extinction-study 

  1. Scott Pruitt – opinionated, science-facts-lacking, lawyer as head of the EPA, when – no matter what – this agency needs a scientist with a knowledge in chemistry, medicine, environment, AND ENDOCRINE DISRUPTION. Proof: your handling of the TRANSGENDER issue.

See TIME cover story about the 1.6 million male transgenders - - - just coming out of the closet? Nonsense, induced by environmental toxins like BPA, pesticides, and the GMO herbicide GLYPHOSATE- - - and all wanting to become females!

FACT: See Florida U. prof. Theo Colburn's presentation about Endocrine Disruption – toxins mimicking excess estrogen (female hormone) production in the body at http://www.antiagingforme.org at "About us," and https://www.academia.edu/8421849  Endocrine Disruption

BOTTOMLINE: While the science facts lacking lawyer dismantles laws protecting the environment, he is actually poisoning us more, thus increasing the induction of transgenders. WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE is to clean up the environment and stop insulting God by inducing victims of scientific ignorance. FACT: 84% of waterways and sources of drinking water now contain detectable amounts of the GMO herbicide glyphosate; besides this  100 Cancer-Causing contaminants are also found in U.S. Drinking Water: https://www.ecowatch.com/drinking-water-cancer-2466630796.html?utm_source=EcoWatch+List&utm_campaign=61825c2c92-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_49c7d43dc9-61825c2c92-86007225 Also http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20170504-there-are-diseases-hidden-in-ice-and-they-are-waking-up Long-dormant bacteria and viruses, trapped in ice and permafrost for centuries, are reviving as Earth's climate warms

    2. The audacity of Pruitt - - I see him as a true scientific nincompoop - - in trying to initiate renewed discussions about Climate Change is idiotic and – among European scientists - making a mockery of the US's science denial.        https://www.pinterest.com/pin/484559241143802891

YOU, Mr. President, promised us clean air and water; Pruitt is - definitely - making this – no question about it - a failure too. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/2d/ca/b3/2dcab34c563e3807db0954ea0938dfd0.jpg

     3. YOU, Mr. PRESIDENT, appear to be following in Pruitt's footsteps. Your "have a cookie!" to the 16 million FAT AND FATTER Americans, instead of informing them with a simple updating of the US Dietary Guidelines about what causes it (along with inducing 6 major medical disorders/diseases) is not exactly the sign of a caring President; not to mention the $ 150 billion increases in Health Care Costs that come along with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moQZd1-BC0Y , and "Persuasive $$ thrown at Trump will only prolong the reluctance to update these critical guidelines" http://www.latimes.com/business/lazarus/la-fi-lazarus-food-labels-20170620-story.html .

     4.  Bringing back coal – the dirtiest source of energy, polluting our oceans with mercury to a degree that pregnant women are told not to eat fish any more – is totally illogical.  With extreme CO2 excesses clearly established as the cause of Global Warming (GW, Climate Change) - - global CO2 production/year 40 billion tons; 24 billion tons ABOVE what earth can handle to sustain a healthy equilibrium - - ANY renewed coal burning is brainless and MAKES no, NONE, ZILCH SENSE AT ALL. Worldwide, we are all in this together, and one group of screws ups - - sadly enough America - - puts additional burdens on everybody and further delays needed measures.

     5. The Updated National Health Care Plan: Nothing anybody could be proud of. http://www.NewsReleaseWire.com/108572 What a waste of time and money, making another mess, and just so it can be called "The Republican Health Care Plan." GET OFF YOUR OBNOXIOUS HIGH HORSES and come back to true Republican principles.

Do I have the right to say this? Anybody else, besides myself, ever spent $ 100,000 on running – Republican – for US Congress?

     6. Last but not least. We had all hoped that a new presidency would remove the "covert" cover from the chemtrail – weather manipulation – farce. But "NO"; the big special (energy?) interests are – obviously – continuing their $$$-dictated VooDoo. At http://www.antiagingforme.org see "Problem areas." Also


The above merely scratches the surface of what many leading experts refer to as "the actions of a con-man - - promises made, nothing or ElToroPooPoo delivered, and people thrown into the fangs of the greedy special interest."

For speaking engagements, radio/TV interviews, permission to reprint, contact Dr. Hans Kugler at drkuger1@verizon.net , or cell 310-634-2478. This, and other health-related publications by Dr. Kugler – from successful cancer treatments, to impact-induced heart rupture/recovery, and endocrine disruption - are accessible, no charge, at https://drhanskugler.academia.edu/HansKugler


Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, President IAAM and "HK Stem Cell Research."


This battle for our freedoms is now continuing on FOUR fronts, and everything connects; from anti-aging modalities, to health effects of apprentice Climate Change (Chemtrail) countermeasures (inducing Alzheimer's, Autism, inflammation), to steepening earth's downhill spiral http://www.antiagingforme.org and http://www.iaam.ca .

1) The ever increasing, destructive influence of the special interests on Washington are bringing our country to a point of no return; this goes beyond ANYTHING acceptable, making people victims of corporate greed on every level, and with total disrespect for WE THE PEOPLE - - - replaced by WE THE GREEDY SPECIAL INTERESTS - - and a message to America's people: "We do what we want, and YOU have no right to know!"

2) Medical blunders, left uncorrected due to special interest influence, while YOUR health care costs skyrocket:


3) The Frankenstein-type GMOs - - recently shown to cause tumors, organ malfunctions, sterility, genetic aberrations, Endocrine Disruption, and more. Russia, Scotland, Germany have banned GMO crops. Brazil initiated a ban because of extreme kidney toxicity in farm workers. As of Nov. 2015, 28 countries worldwide banned GMOs. See also: 

GMO Industry Harassment against Researchers.  Correlation between GM-foods and Deterioration of health in the US http://www.expertclick.com/NRWire/Releasedetails.aspx?id=64467

4) A total lack of applying actions needed to avoid a methane-caused earth catastrophe; the references are numerous, just GOOGLE "NASA methane tracker." Special interests - Carbon; coal, oil, gas - obviously in order to maintain profits, have been shown to - intentionally - plant bogus pseudo-science to confuse the issues.

Over the past years the neglect of Climate Change priorities has moved us closer and closer to a point of no return, as made clear in the 2012 emergency/catastrophe announcement by AMEG, the Arctic Methane Emergency Group. http://www.ameg.me , now repeated with strong ducumentation on Dec. 4, 2014.

In the US presently taken covert countermeasures - - Geoengineering, Chemtrails spraying of highly toxic, disease-inducing nanoparticles of Aluminum, Barium, Strontium into high levels of the atmosphere to reduce sun energy - - are apparently dictated by special (carbon) interests, violate principles of thermodynamics, and are highly ineffective.

Dr. Hans J. Kugler, PhD, is a former oil industry (Standard oil of Indiana) research chemist, professor of chemistry, Roosevelt U, Chicago, and Author: "LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age;" now available as public health education project as e-book at the non-profit price of $ 1.99. Purchase at http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/life-long-health-learn-how-to-?store=book&keyword=life-long+health%3A+learn+how+to

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Dr. Hans Kugler, PhD
International Academy of Anti Aging Medicine
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