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Wisdom-Based Balanced Paradigm
Jack Beauregard --  The Wisdom Company Jack Beauregard -- The Wisdom Company
Cambridge , MA
Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Wisdom-Based Balanced Paradigm

The Road to a Brighter Future


The Wisdom Company's courses are built upon a new paradigm, the Balanced Paradigm, which provides a hopeful future in which kindness and solidarity become a reality in our country and in the world. 

The picture of the old rutted road on the left captures the old Traditional Paradigm with its focus on not making changes and its desire to go back to the illusionary "good old days" of the past. The well-worn path on the right stands for the Mechanistic Paradigm with its exclusive focus on making money at all costs. 

The middle road symbolizes the bright future of the Balanced Paradigm which is created by our taking responsibility for re-balancing the planetary, economic, political and social inequalities that are in the process of destroying civilization and all life on Earth.


Thought Process for Our Survival

The integrated mind set, new logic system, both-and way of thinking, and higher level of consciousness of the Balanced Paradigm successfully answer Albert Einstein's 1954 warning that: "Humanity is going to need a new way of thinking if humanity is going to survive." 


Integrated Worldview

The new model reflects the inherent dynamic balance that makes up the very nature of the universe and reflects the harmony that permeates the cosmos. Its associated integrated worldview helps us regain our ability to speak to people with opposing political views and provides an alternative to the emerging authoritarian world.


Decades of Proven Success

  The 7 scientific principles of the Balanced Paradigm have:

  •   Helped people connect with who they really are
  •   Transformed the lives of clients 
  •   Transitioned people into the next stage of their lives
  •  Guided business owners to help them determine what to do with their companies
  •  Created intellectual, emotional and psychological transformations
  •  Helped people make robust decisions
  •  Lead people to create new purposeful lives


Applied Wisdom



The Wisdom Company's courses are based on the three dimensions of wisdom, discovered by empirical academic research whose:

  • Cognitive dimension expands mindsets to a whole new level
  • Self-Reflective dimension provides an opportunity to live a life of authenticity 
  • Transcendent dimension provides a new unifying level that allows people to go above the dualities of partisan politics and create a higher common ground 
Jack Beauregard
Cambridge, MA