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Winner Outstanding Novella at IAN Book Awards: PLEASE HOLD
Tricia Stewart Shiu Tricia Stewart Shiu
Los Angeles , CA
Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hollywood Studio Insider Illuminates Captivating Underworld of Top Tier Elite Gatekeepers
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PLEASE HOLD, with a foreword by Hulu CEO, Mike Hopkins, is a New Adult Novel by 35 time award-winning author Tricia Stewart Shiu. The novel offers a fresh and illuminating look at a corporate gray area—the world of high-level Executive Assistants.


"When Tricia told me she was writing a novel about the inner workings of the high-level executive assistant world, I was intrigued and had to read it. I wondered how she could possibly write something that would be translatable to anyone other than entertainment industry insiders. After all, she's worked as an executive assistant for some of the most powerful people in the business world—Rupert Murdoch and Chase Carey, to name two—and experienced an environment most people never get to see," says Hulu CEO, Mike Hopkins says in the book's Foreword.




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"I loved PLEASE HOLD and can only hope that Tricia took a lot of creative license, but somehow I am sure that she's captured the real world pressures and reactions of people caught in tough and tricky situations. PLEASE HOLD offers an interesting take on a world most people only view from the outside and it's quite funny, too," says Hopkins.


Ms. Stewart Shiu interjects a visceral realism when it comes to the day-to-day environment, too. "After trying to get his daughter a job, one executive announced loudly, his office door wide open, that his daughter would never, ever work as a lowly assistant." says Stewart Shiu. "Another time, I interviewed for a new position within the company and the interviewer asked if I would get him fired if he didn't hire me."


Underdog Hollywood Executive Assistant battles big budget boss and receives miraculous aid from an unlikely source.


PLEASE HOLD offers an insider's look at the world of high-level studio executive assistants and one woman's struggle to make sense of it all. Not only does PLEASE HOLD offer a rare glimpse into the world of top tier gatekeepers, it also serves as a reminder that spirituality comes in many forms and no one should judge another before knowing the full story.


"Everyone's journey to her own truth is layered and we all choose our path based on the highest form of guidance available. As we grow, so does our guidance. In this quirky slice of life story, Tricia Stewart Shiu, draws from her extensive experience as a veteran, high-level executive assistant at one of the top six entertainment studios in Los Angeles." Says Ms. Stewart Shiu.


"I was happy to write this foreword because, in a world where people often equate power and success with greed and negativity, Tricia and her writing shine through. PLEASE HOLD is fresh, original and funny and a testament to Tricia's many years of work and her commitment to truth seeking through objectivity. Nothing could be more entertaining than that." Hopkins says from the Foreword.


PLEASE HOLD:  (ISBN: 978-0996881609, 2016, Human Being Publishing, 150 Pages, Available on Amazon in Paperback, $12.95 and for $6.99 on Kindle 978-0-9840020-9-2 or on the author's Website http://tstewartshiu.com/


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