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Wick’s first book for kids ‘Milo and Meg are Solid’ available worldwide
Azzurri Publishing Azzurri Publishing
Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Wick’s first book for kids ‘Milo and Meg are Solid’ available worldwide

Award-winning filmmaker and author Peter Wick channels his inner child.

Milo and Meg Are Solid was relased worldwide in paperback and Amazon Kindle May 26, 2020


Drawings have come to life, and they have questions. 13 year-old Milo, and his 12 year-old sister Meg have discovered something strange in their hometown of August. They have discovered a strange world called Icarus where they become pencil drawings. The world around them is a watercolor painting.


When they begin making new friends in this world, like Nanette and her son Wolf, these friends have questions; what is happening to them? Why are some of them being erased? Who is The Artist who has created them?


"I had fun writing this," says author Wick. "I only hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it."


Peter Wick is an award-winning independent filmmaker, novelist, and comedian. Wick won Best Director at NYIIFF for his third independent feature, Rock Paper Scissors. His Key West book series has sold in the thousands, and was reviewed by one Amazon reviewer as, "Borders on riveting." After teaching "Directing Actors" for several years at Seattle's Northwest Film Forum, Wick moved to Los Angleles, where he currently runs Azzurri Productions/Azzurri Publishing. Wick most often writes comedy (he has also performed standup comedy around the U.S.), except when he writes gripping noir (Key West), or imaginative fantasy (his brand new book Milo and Meg are Solid). Wick's films can be streamed on Amazon, and his books are available worldwide, having found readers in Europe, India, China, and Australia.


As brother and sister Milo and Meg become more deeply involved in Icarus, their new friends Nanette and Wolf want to know if The Artist understands that then people he (or is it 'she') draws "think and feel" ust likev eryone else. Nanette hopes Milo and Meg can answer some of these questions, since they come from 'the solid world.'

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