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Why Sanford Kept Sneaking Off to See His Mistress – Infidelity Expert Reveals the Truth
Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert Ruth Houston - Infidelity Expert
New York, NY
Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston knows why Gov. Sanford went sneaking off to see Maria despite being warned by his wife not to go.

According to the Associated Press, after discovering Sanford's affair, his wife Jenny Sanford, gave him permission to travel to New York earlier this year with a spiritual advisor, so he could terminate the affair. Apparently Sanford and Maria had other romantic rendezvous prior to that.

But, afterward, Sanford repeatedly asked his wife for permission to see his mistress again, which of course, Jenny Sanford refused.

Earlier this month, Sanford managed to sneak out of the country to see Maria in Argentina, which led to his affair being exposed.

Infidelity Expert Explains Why Sanford Couldn't Stay Away

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston, founder of www.InfidelityAdvice.com  and author ofIs He Cheating on You? - 829 Telltale Signs provides insight into why Gov. Mark Sanford kept sneaking off to see his mistress Maria Belen Chapur, even after his wife, Jenny Sanford warned him not to go.

Houston, a New York infidelity expert who is frequently called on by the media to comment on high profile infidelity and infidelity breaking news explains, "A cheating husband who has formed a strong emotional attachment to his affair partner, or who had frequent contact with her, will experience withdrawal symptoms, and will go through a period of grieving for her, and for their relationship when he tries to break off the affair. "

What Reconciling Couples are Rarely Told

"This grieving process – this yearning, this longing to see the mistress is something that couples trying to reconcile in the aftermath of an affair are rarely told, " says Houston who has been researching infidelity for the past 15 years.

Houston continues, "If the cheating husband is not made aware that he will experience these symptoms, he's likely to misinterpret these feelings when they start to occur. If he doesn't know that this intense longing to see his mistress is part of the grieving and reconciliation process, he will attempt to reconnect with his mistress. He will feel that he has made a mistake in trying to reconcile with his wife, and will be thoroughly convinced that the mistress is his one true love. He will feel that he absolutely must see her at all costs."

Houston, who is known for her practical, immediately usable advice for victims of infidelity, says, That's why I include specific affair recovery information for the cheating husband, for the betrayed wife, and for the two of them as a couple in the e-book version of Is He Cheating on You? It's important that they both know what to expect."

"If the cheating husband is told to expect these feelings, that they are normal, and that they will eventually pass away, he will tough it out, instead of giving in to his urge to see his mistress again."

What Sanford Should Have Been Told to Expect

Says Houston, It's unfortunate that no one told Sanford what to expect during his attempt to reconcile with his wife. If he'd been informed beforehand, he might not have succumbed to the temptation to see Maria again. This knowledge might have kept him from sneaking off to Argentina when Jenny Sanford was giving him an opportunity to regain her trust, and get their marriage back on track."

"Sanford seems to be a man who sincerely want to reconcile with his wife." says Houston. "Had he known his longing to see Maria was just a phase that he was going through, I think Sanford would have tried harder to hang in there, ride out the wave of his emotions, and come out safely on the other side, instead of than trying to reconnect with Maria and see her one more time."

Affair Recovery Information for Couples Trying to Reconcile

In addition to other helpful infidelity tip sheets and special reports, the Bonus Section that comes with the e-book version only (NOT the soft cover version ) of Houston's book, Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs, contains the Affair Recovery Information below:

• What the Two of You Must Do to Survive Your Husband's Affair

• Advice for the Husband Who Cheated

• Advice for the Betrayed Wife

• Can Your Marriage Survive His Affair? - Questionnaire

• Will He Cheat Again? – Questionnaire

The e-book version of Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs is available from http://www.booklocker.com/books/1755.html  

For further observations from infidelity expert Ruth Houston on the Sanford affair, visit Houston's   Infidelity News and Views Blog  at http://infidelitynewsandviews.blogspot.com/

To interview infidelity expert Ruth Houston, call 718 592-6039 or e-mail InfidelityExpert@gmail.com

About Ruth Houston:

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston is the founder of www.InfidelityAdvice.com  and the author of Is He Cheating on You?– 829 Telltale Signs. She has been researching infidelity for over 15 years.

Frequently called on by the media to comment on popular infidelity issues and infidelity breaking news, Houston has been a repeat guest on The Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox & Friends, Fox News, The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, CBS News, BBC, CBC and over 480 other radio and TV news and talk shows worldwide.

Houston has also been quoted in USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily News, Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, FoxNews.com, ABCNews.com, msnbc.com, Reuters, the Associated Press, UPI and numerous other print and online media.

To interview infidelity expert Ruth Houston, call 718 592-6039 or e-mail InfidelityExpert@gmail.com

For more information on infidelity and extramarital affairs, visit http://infidelitynewsandviews.blogspot.com/  and


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