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Why Not Wishing Things Were Different is the Key to Success
Brandon Hensinger -- CEO of Avrio Genetics Brandon Hensinger -- CEO of Avrio Genetics
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Dateline: Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 4, 2020


It’s easy to wish that things were different during difficult times in the world (like the current COVID pandemic), when things are hard in your personal life, when you’re experiencing business challenges, or facing health problems. Often it feels like a mental retreat when we begin to think how things should be different. We can get lost in a dream world.

But that is actually a really dangerous path to take. When you begin wishing things were different, you begin to lose focus on the situation at hand and you lose the ability to respond properly.

I think about this in relation to climbing. I remember years ago, while climbing a route in New Hampshire called Recompense-Beast. It had a wild step across move that usually had a good foothold. However, the day before the hold broke off, and I didn’t know that until I got to the move. I could have stood there wishing it were different, picturing the hold…but how would that have helped? Instead I focused on success with the situation I was given and succeeded…and enjoyed the unexpected additional excitement of the climb!

This truth is so important. If you focus on what you think “should be,” instead of what is, you will never respond correctly and you will not be successful…in life or business! By focusing on the present and responding to the real situation, you will find a focus and clarity of mind that you may never have thought was possible.

Here is how to practice this:

  1. Write down your goals (1 year, 3 year, 5 year)
  2. Write down a few key sentences describing your current environment. For example…what is your business situation, your family situation etc?
  3. Instead of writing down what you want to change about any aspects, write down how you will respond to each situation.
  4. Write down 1 way that you can find happiness in even the seemingly bad items.
  5. Keep this list handy and every day write down 1 step you will take towards your goals based upon each of these current situations...not based upon what you wish were true.

For example…

Goal: To climb the 7 summits of the world

Current Situation: I can’t travel and it is making it hard to accomplish this goal.

Response: I will study routes and talk to people online who have climbed these mountains. I will train with these goals in mind.

Happiness: I’m going to get so much stronger, and will meet so many amazing people through social media as I start this journey.

Today’s Action: Find 1 person I know (or who a friend knows) that has climbed each mountain.

This principle can be applied to any situation and can completely change your mindset!

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