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Why Life's Screeching To A Halt - Fourth Quarter Double Slowdown
Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer
Chicago, IL
Friday, September 9, 2022

It's "double M" mayhem fourth quarter 2022, with two Mercury retrogrades overlapping two and a half months of Mars retrograde.

Get ready to stop.

And prepare to take more than one step backward during fourth quarter 2022.

"The astrology for fourth quarter this year will have us backtracking in everything related to communications, technology, contracts, and travel, to name just a few of the major areas affected," said Chicago astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike, "Astrologer Anne."

Double Retrogrades, Double "M" Mayhem

The slowdowns will arrive courtesy of two key inner planets: Mercury and Mars.

"You may be familiar with Mercury retrograde," said Astrologer Anne. "Most of us have experience with this 'three times a year' phenomenon, which gives us all a chance to step back, rethink, and reconsider whatever breaks down during these periods. As for Mars retrograde, it can be much more powerful because it lasts two and a half months rather than just three weeks."

In late 2022, we'll see not only two Mercury retrogrades but a big Mars retrograde at the same time as one of the Mercury retrogrades.

"That's a lot of astro energy pointing to slowdowns throughout the final months of 2022," said Astrologer Anne.

How You Can Prepare

It pays to prepare for this type of intense pause. 

To help you navigate the slow motion months ahead, see Astrologer Anne's latest blog post, "Why Life's About To Screech To A Halt - TWICE and Double Strong." It provides details dates as well as information on how you can prepare to thrive despite any slow times.

"If you leverage these retrogrades, you can position yourself to thrive not only during the slowdown but in first quarter 2023, when you'll be ready to spring forward into major activities and launches," Astrologer Anne explained.

See the Mercury and Mars retrograde blog post now and position yourself for success no matter what happens (or what slows down!): "Why Life's About To Screech To A Halt - TWICE and Double Strong."

About Astrologer Anne

Astrologer Anne is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, a longtime professional astrologer and award-winning astrology journalist.

She's also in demand as a speaker and is a frequent and popular guest on radio, where she takes calls from listeners and shares what's in the stars for every astrology sign. Her free horoscopes cover every zodiac sign for devoted readers on her website. The National Women's Hall of Fame honored her accomplishments, adding her to its Wall Of Fame. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

For more information, go to https://astrologeranne.com/

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