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Why Hire a Federal Prison Consultant?
Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant Bruce Cameron -- Federal Prison Consultant
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Dallas, TX
Thursday, March 16, 2023


Are you Facing Federal Investigation?

If you are a person of interest in a federal investigation, or are facing federal charges or sentencing, you know you need a lawyer. Any experienced lawyer will tell you that prosecution of federal criminal cases is a team effort by the government. If you want to mount a serious challenge to such a prosecution, and one that is cost effective, the benefit of consulting and counseling services must be weighed. You should also recognize that most federal prosecutions are successful, even in the face of a strong defense. A defense team helps to reduce a client’s exposure, and to increase the odds of a more favorable placement.

Be Prepared

The government will be evaluating not just the conduct they believe you engaged in, but they will be evaluating you. Federal charges and sentencing guidelines dictate an examination of the offender as well as the offense. An effective response requires that you perform a careful self-evaluation and be prepared to present yourself in court.

A consultant who has the federal experience and holds the credentials to perform a competent evaluation can greatly improve your position. Current knowledge of factors impacting sentencing, of facilities where a client may serve any sentence, and of how to increase the chance of favorable facility designation, can help you obtain the best outcome.

Why Use Us as Your Federal Prison Consultants?

Decades of Experience

Our team offers more than thirty plus years of combined experience in the federal justice system.  You will be getting a team that possesses broad-based federal experience which includes the important areas of drug and sex offender treatment.

We have substantial forensic examination experience and credentials as a licensed professional counselor. Adding a lawyer with twenty years of experience prosecuting in the federal system would likely cost you five or six hundred dollars per hour. Our group can offer three decades of hands-on practical federal experience to your team who will contribute to the preparation and presentation of your defense. These benefits are offered at a very reasonable cost. We will help to prepare you for everything the government will be throwing at you, contributing inside knowledge that can increase your chances of the best outcome.

Attorney Support Services

  • Criminal Complaint review
  • PSR Review
  • Criminal History Scoring
  • Plea Agreement Review
  • Custody and Security Scoring

Client Support Services

  • Sentence Reduction Programming Consultation
  • Transfer Guidance
  • Medical Care Requests/Guidance

Why Case Consulting/Counseling can benefit you

  • Have you been charged with a more serious offense than is justified?
  • Identify lower offenses, or factors in your favor and effectively present them to help lower your potential exposure.
  • What can be done to prepare you to present as favorably as possible in court?
  • Does the pre-sentence report document all areas that could benefit you? Oftentimes, enhancements and deductions are missing or incorrect.
  • How can you persuade the Court to recommend a favorable designation?
  • How can such a designation best be worded?
  • How you and your family can benefit from counseling.
  • What is the best way to self-surrender?
  • What should you take or not take to prison?
  • How can you reduce the impact of incarceration on your family members?
  • How do you set up your commissary and how can you get what you need from the outside world to make any sentence as comfortable as possible?

Inside a federal facility

  • How do you establish a visiting list?
  • What restrictions are there on communication inside?
  • Family visits and making the most of your time.
  • What is a case manager and how can you best deal with them?
  • How can you avoid any problems as you communicate with other offenders inside the institution?
  • How to get the most benefit from any internment?

Halfway House/Residential Re-entry Center

  • How does one ask for RRC?
  • What is a forward Congressional?  What is it?
  • Do I qualify for a full year of RRC?
  • Can I qualify for benefits under The Second Chance Act?
  • Once I’m in RRC, how can I get a job quickly?
  • How do I qualify for Home Confinement/Home Detention?
  • What do officials look at on my home inspection?
  • Can I have a cell phone, in RRC, not prison?
  • What kind of job do I need?

After the Expiration of your Federal Prison Sentence

  • The best way to begin your supervision under United States Probation.
  • How to shave time off your “paper” federal probation term.
  • These are just some of the major issues that I cover with clients, their attorneys and family members.
  • Offices are conveniently located in Southlake and Highland Park/Dallas.

Bruce Cameron is a widely known expert, most known in his prior engagements as a Federal Law Enforcement official with over 25 years in development, consultation and assessment for high value and high potential individualls.  He is the founder of Federal Prison Authority.  Bruce has given multiple national and international talks and presentations, authored several publications and has numerous media mentions.

Jose Santana, formerly Chief of the Designation and Sentence Computation Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, recently retired from the Bureau in December 2017. Mr. Santana is a subject matter expert in classifications, designations, and complex federal sentencing issues. During his tenure, Mr. Santana provided training in the areas of sentence computation, classification, and designation, of federal inmates to U.S. Sentencing Commission, U.S. federal judges, U.S. Attorneys, U.S. Probation Officers, U.S. Marshals, and court officials.

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