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Which of your business twigs might have a toxic 15-foot root?
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
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Dateline: Atlanta , GA
Wednesday, June 05, 2019


Profit from my annual yard Spring cleaning cleanup, my personal version of a business recurring annual Greenfields review.That night around 2 am after my annual Yard cleaning process, the insight connection between this year’s cleanup uncovering my sprig had a formerly invisible massive root system woke me and asked:How could the green bramble sprig, smaller than pencil lead, in my picture below cover up an underlying root system thicker than my thumb over 15 feet long?That 15-foot carrier of future thorns, poison oak etc. grew because the last few years, I was too busy to address the real problem. I clipped the above ground sprig offshoot two years ago and skipped pruning brambles and poison oak last year, rather than investing the time and sweat to resolve the real issue. In addition to near term recurring thorns (think inconvenient problems), Georgia vines seem to attract poison oak or poison ivy (think medium term problems).Long-term left unchecked, Georgia sapper vines can circle a tree, siphon off soil nutrients and gradually cut deeper and deeper into the tree. Unless caught and removed, the year can come when you can lose a tree. Resolution is to do the hard work of pulling up the invisible root system, before offshoots strangle a bush or small tree.I was fortunate. Poison oak is not fun, particularly for my wife Kathy. When times are good and profits overflow is the time to address issues, you and I know exist, but are too busy to address now – just like I did personally for several years on my sprig clipping.Most growth-oriented companies I help have some version of a CAPEX list of value-add projects they would like to address — later. You may have been one of the fortunate ones where money was no issue IF the project could demonstrate value. Specialized external consultants can always supplement your people on one-time projects, when money exists.Freeing up substantial cash to finance one or two of your deferred projects, when prioritized and evaluated is easier than many leaders think.A number of groups will do a No Cost No Risk review for one or multiple spend categories for a percentage of the savings delivered, after delivering the savings. Most groups look at one or two issues not your entire spend category.Rather than feel bad, when not if the economy plateaus or turns down, why not invest time and focus to solve that cash shortfall preventing that IT, supply chain or training project which is best done now. Even better, this might better position you for a bluebird opportunity which always is available when downturns occur, for better prepared business.Some of you may like to ask about Georgia vines, sapper vines or poison oak and poison ivy, share a chuckle or discuss how these issues could impact you or your business. Call me at 678-319-4739 for a brief discussion of any of the above points.You can also contact me today at Gary@FiscalDoctor.com to talk about your special situation or project that needs immediate attention. On that note, I look forward to serving you.GaryGary PattersonFiscalDoctor, Inc.gary@FiscalDoctor.com678) 319-4739

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