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When to Hit Pause: Recognizing the Need for a Break in Life’s Chaos
Nancy Boyd --  Bright Wings Inc. Nancy Boyd -- Bright Wings Inc.
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Dateline: Eugene, OR
Monday, April 22, 2024


Life doesn’t always signal when to slow down—sometimes, it’s up to us to hit pause. Taking breaks isn’t just about catching our breath; it’s about giving ourselves the space to reflect, regroup, and re-engage with our lives with renewed energy and insight.

Last week, our family lost my mother.  It wasn’t a total surprise; she was 102 and in declining but stable health.  I’d said my goodbyes long ago.  Still, death comes as a great disruptor.   It changes things.

How To Recognize Signs You Need a Break

It can be as subtle as feeling slightly more irritable than usual or as clear as complete exhaustion. When death visits a family, that’s a very clear signal to pause and take care of the important things.  But sometimes our signs aren’t that clear — or obvious.

Reflect on the last time you really felt you needed a pause—what were your signals?

Mine often center around things that need my attention urgently — even if inconvenient.  It might be a family matter, or something financial, or even a local event that interrupts my routine and shows up in my face.

The Benefits of Strategic Pauses

Aside from the fact that we need to pause, what other benefits do we get?

— Boosts Creativity and Productivity: When you return to work after a break, you often bring fresh ideas and renewed vigor.

— Improves Mental Health and Reduces Stress: Regular breaks can help manage stress levels, preventing burnout.

— Enhances Decision-Making: With rest, your mind processes information better, leading to clearer thinking.

Example: Think about the rejuvenation you feel after a weekend away from screens—how does your Monday compare to a typical one?

How to Effectively Use Your Break Time

Meaningful Activities: Whether it’s taking a walk in nature, reading a book, or spending time with loved ones, choosing activities that replenish you is key.
Mindfulness and Meditation: Integrating brief sessions of meditation or mindfulness into your day can significantly alter your stress levels and overall outlook.
Planning Your Breaks: Sometimes, the best way to ensure you take breaks is to schedule them as you would any important appointment.

For me, taking a break from regular activities after a death in the family allows me the freedom to devote whatever time it takes to grieve and mourn a loss, and to handle the necessary arrangements.

It’s worth saying that taking regular breaks is not a luxury—it’s a necessity for maintaining our health, happiness, and productivity. Let’s remind each other that stepping back is often the best way to move forward.

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