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When everything matters- self sufficiency and confidence can need a boost- character lights up the night
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, December 26, 2020

Starting from the Ground Up- LA Fire Department Lifts Spirits and Hearts Xmas 2020
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Science and Art can and do go together and are part of daily life.  We are soon to have a new bridge to walk across the Sepulveda Pass, or another to walk across from Griffith Park Burbank and back.  It takes initiative, plans, dialogue and dreaming.  We need that kind of confidence, skill, problem solving, and planning more than ever.

Metabolic Studios often shows us opportunities built of mission, vision, and step by step progressions that enlighten and inspire us. (Giant water wheel will churn LA River water just like the 1860s - Curbed LA)

Unifying language for this kind of science is STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), our Christmas miracle of Department 88 reaching for the sky bringing light to the darkness (photo above) was thrilling, brought light to the Church of the Chimes, focused on our signatory urban forest tree and the diversity of the San Fernando Valley and its urban heat island issues between wildfire aerosols, drought, and extreme weather patterns that impact growth, wellbeing and sustainability.  Doing what matters can be downloading the tree height protocol on a smart phone to engage a student or can be watching the Brain Stuff youtube video on lattitude and longitude to explore daily math.

Our active learning student programs need year end support that has led to New Education Options promoting the Charles Sherman Art posters  (What Matters?) this giving season.  This principle is more important  than ever and in this season culturally the possibility of art helping nonprofits to withstand their fiscal stressors due to cuts, expanding needs and emerging shortfalls. 

In such moments,  character matters, practising art, STEM, and stewardship in education may be a vital prescription. Finding strength from Mr. Sherman in his Dr. Martin Luther King, winner of the Nobel Prize, inspired piece, is both iconic and crucial especially when resources are short and shorter and when services may be delayed or missing.

Resiliency, in a time when things seem upside down,relies on asking for help, going out and looking for an answer, discovering anew confidence, trust, advocacy and community beginning with a first step. 

We have felt this remarkably simple, affordable, contemporary art piece featured in the year end giving section of the Daily News across several counties and available on the www.charleshermanart.com website for your wall fits the moment.  It can be essential as an encouraging principle during our transition into the new year and for years to come.

There has never been a better time to remember the power and impact of art. From the pending wildlife bridge to the water wheel, math, science and art surround us.  We felt the Netflix series, to the Redwood League to inviting children through tracking Santa via Norad to story mapping on ArcGIS.  We can connect the dots to helping parents and kids with at home learning and to the potential of understanding math, aviation, forestry, and IT using navigation and satellites to make daily studies glimmer and new characteristics of basic education tangible.  S T R E T C H I N G makes us glow.

So for gifts or investments, and to underwrite services across the San Fernando Valley and specifically in Woodland Hills and online as hybrid tutoring and citizen science exploration or to help us create a necessary endowment, we would love you to go to the website and be inspired, fall in love with this body of work, and if it moves you make a purchase to help underwrite literacy and science (STEM and STEAM) programs.

The photo is our Sherman Oaks Department 88 reaching towards the sky and lighting up the Redwood Tree that we will be stewarding, studying, and discovering this year using mission EARTH and GLOBE Elementary protocols.

The links teach about Latitude and Longitude math and combine our collaborations with Balboa Park, San Diego history with mapping the sea, and language arts development whether for Scrabble, for sailing, for observations or for drawing, music, and skills that will lead to new jobs, possibilities, and family time.

Seeing the Earth through trees and trying on story mapping:

Trees Around the GLOBE Student Research Campaign Webinar on December, 8 2020 - YouTube

Hazel and the seed planted by lighting the night on campus this year:

Nonprofit - Congregational Church of the Chimes

Redwoods using Virtual Means:

Virtual Redwoods | Save the Redwoods League

Finding Redwoods in California:

Our Impact | Save the Redwoods League

Trees opening hearts in Ireland:

Ireland to Plant Largest Grove of Redwood Trees Outside of California - EcoWatch

Irish town plans to plant world's largest giant redwood grove (inhabitat.com)

CCEA Stories through Science:

Science Through Stories | CCEA

What Matters?- a vital question for 2021:

Printmaking : "What Matters?" (Original art by CHARLES SHERMAN Infinity Sculpture and Design) (charlesshermanart.com)

Tutoring and Hybrid Classes:



California Standards supporting exploration with the environment and expanded learning:


Continuing a great tradition in Education (step by step):

www.netflix.com (Hallmark Series, S3, E6, (Science Fairs) When calls the Heart, echoing the call for 2021 IVSS (International Virtual Science Symposia) offering opportunities to students, support on science posters, and scholarships as well as dialogue with other students and teachers

Linking Vocabulary to Sextons and San Diego to the North Pole:

Lecture: Latitude & Longitude: Part I - YouTube

D Geospatial Discovery:


Trees from Space- other forests and fun with upcoming Glasgow COP 26:


Santa passes the across the Earth and our fire department bridges the darkness to joy:


From Aerosols to Science Vocabulary one student at a time:


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