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What’s the Value Celebrities Can Bring to Non-Profits?
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Tuesday, May 10, 2022


Businesses and corporations already know that a celebrity endorsement can help impact their bottom line but is this the case as well for non-profits? A Rutgers-Camden University study says it is! https://www.rutgers.edu/news/celebrity-endorsements-lead-increases-charitable-donations-public

 The report suggests film and TV stars, musical performers, sports figures and other celebrities who are associated with philanthropic causes help increase financial support from the public. Researchers found nonprofits endorsed by celebrities accrue on average $100,000 more annually than their non-celebrity affiliated counterparts. Furthermore, nonprofits with more than one celebrity endorser receive on average $2000 more annually per each additional celebrity endorsement.

 Erica Harris, an assistant professor of accounting at the Rutgers School of Business–Camden and co-author of the study states “We find that celebrities also offer a credibility signal to donors, which is especially important for nonprofit organizations.” When you think about it, celebrities who endorse brands or organizations are essentially providing their reputation as collateral. Through the powers of celebrity persuasion these public figures provide expertise, trustworthiness, and attractiveness to an organization.

 The Rutgers-Camden study asserts that once the celebrity affiliation is established, organizations tend to see a surge in overall public support. Additionally, nonprofits that have utilized celebrity endorsements have been able to refocus their annual budgeting efforts on service missions rather than fundraising campaigns. Due to the significant increase in contributions associated with celebrity affiliations these organizations are able to efficiently allocate time, effort, and resources normally dedicated to fundraising campaigns to other areas.

 In addition to increasing donor contributions and credibility, celebrities have the ability to increase public awareness about the organizations mission goals beyond many other types of PR strategies.  Other benefits associated with endorsements by celebrities to nonprofit organizations may include attracting sponsors, getting media attention, more volunteer engagement and the celebrity themselves may donate, or designate the non-profit as their “charity of choice” to receive a donation for the organization instead of a fee.

Not all celebrities, however, will have these kinds of benefits for an organization, which is why it’s important to look to experts/specialists (like The Celebrity Source), who know how to help non-profits find the right celebrity matches and avoid potential celebrity minefields.

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