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What’s Really In Your Heart?
Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues Barbara Morris - Pharmacist - Writer - Aging Issues
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Surprise, AZ
Saturday, January 27, 2024

Joyce Shafer
Joyce L. Shafer

Some people sense impending snow, rain, or a storm brewing. Add visual evidence or a change in temperature or wind velocity, and it’s a safe bet that some measure of precaution and heed should be taken. My hope here is to provide factual information to and for those with ears to hear for the time we’re in. Some of what you learn may be like nothing you’ve heard before and you’ll decide it’s bunk—it isn’t. If you’re looking for a warm, fuzzy feeling regarding life as a Christian and biblical prophecy, what’s presented here isn’t for you. Know this: Ignoring the storm won’t stop it from arriving.

Are you familiar enough with Bible prophecy to grasp the truth—the fact—that we’re in days spoken of in the Word? Even if you are, even if you’ve taken certain physical precautions, what about your spiritual preparations? What’s really in your heart about Who Almighty God is to you, as well as regarding what the Word tells us so we’re better prepared for what’s on the way?

Almighty God’s prophecies are being fulfilled in our day. This means He has you, me, each of us here, now, for His purposes. “Furthermore, we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called in accordance with his purpose…” Romans 8:28 CJB [emphasis mine]

But there’s more to this than most people know, sadly including Christians.

I’m not going to go on and on about this, solely because God is speaking through several of His faithful servants who genuinely give their all, the whole of their lives, to serve God and be beacons of His love and light and Kingdom ways in this world as we witness love, light, and truth diminishing or disappearing at a fair pace, exactly as Adonai/Messiah Jesus warned us, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21. I’ve included some of these contemporary servants’ messages below in this writing.

In “The Matrix” movie, Morpheus asked Neo to choose between the Blue Pill, which would allow Neo to continue to believe the world as he knew it was real, OR take the Red Pill and discover how deep the rabbit hole goes. Frankly, we’re at such a crossroad-moment, and it saddens me to say there are many, even Christians, who prefer the Blue Pill. The very things we don’t want to know about or see or hear about are the very things (and more) the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit see and hear every moment of every day. The cup of God’s wrath is getting closer to the brim.

A believer is a soldier for Messiah Jesus. However, through the whole of my life, until a few years ago, I never knew that and am still challenged by what it means: My spirit is willing, my flesh is still weak. It’s accurate to say many Christians don’t understand this either. How can we know how, what, when, where, who to fight if we don’t even know there’s a battle going on and that following Messiah Jesus means we’re to be on the battlefield?

 Blue Pill, Red Pill: The choice is yours. I’ve provided links to videos and podcasts that can help you assess where you are in your knowledge, understanding, discernment, and wisdom regarding your relationship with God as well as the times we’re in and are coming. If you prefer the Blue Pill, I thank you for reading this far. I ask God to fulfill His perfect will for you and yours. If you prefer to know more of what you need to know and what God wants you to know, please watch/listen to all the links, preferably in the order provided, which is for your benefit…and thank you.

Know this: Each link offering below increases in truth and discomfort in some measure, depending on how currently informed or uninformed you are. Know this as well: Like some of you, I have a long way to go to mature spiritually so that my full trust is in my God rather than leaning upon my own understanding or feeble strength. It can/will be done with God’s help, not by my own endeavors.

Reminder: Take all you hear/learn below to Messiah Jesus in prayer for clarification and verification.

THE DOGS OF WAR by Pastor Benjamin Faircloth / Summary: The biggest problem is the heart of man, and is why we have the people in power we deserve and the current events now taking place. We are not prepared for what’s coming, no matter what other preparations we’ve made, especially spiritually. (144) “The Dogs of War!” 1-21-24 – YouTube

FINAL EXAM: THE TEST OF TIME by Jamie Walden / Why does God allow us to be tested?
Description: Contemporary, Western Christians have become the biggest “snowflakes” in the history of humanity. At the slightest exposure to any form of heat… the slightest disruption to the perfection of comfort… they melt into an inanimate puddle! What most fail to realize is that ALL of life is a test! We are being thoroughly tested and examined to see what is truly in us when the heat gets turned up. Unfortunately, many…most… fail to allow the testing to achieve its intended end-state: refinement, steadfastness, resilience, strength, hope, faith, and radiance. Join Jamie and CBBC as we do a deep-dive into the ways of the Lord to continually put the hearts of men to the test and what that testing is designed to produce! FINAL EXAM: THE TEST OF TIME (youtube.com)

GIANT SLAYERS with David Murry, hosted by Frank/Remnant Call Radio / Summary: Can you name the “giants” in your life? Do you know how to defeat them? Are you ready to? Christians’s are individually and corporately facing bigger and bigger giants, and even bigger ones are on the way: Are you prepared? AND, here are questions—GIANTS—posed by Murry, worth our time and consideration: “Am I unconditionally loved by God? Am I His beloved? Does my heavenly Father see me as pure, spotless, righteous, and holy? Does my Abba adore me? Am I the apple of His eye? Does He fiercely and jealously love and guide and fight for me and watch over me? Do I feel an overwhelming sense of His love around me, within me, emanating from within me, through me? Is there any shame of condemnation I’m carrying around? Do I have a fear of failure? Do I have a fear of being abandoned by God? Do I have a fear of being abandoned by others? Do I have other fears that haunt me and nag at me? Do I fear for my future? Do I fear man in any way? Do I have anger, bitterness, unforgiveness swirling around me or buried deep down within me that I keep a lid on?” Giant Slayers with David Murry (youtube.com)

WARNING, Readers: Approaching the Red Pill “Rabbit Hole” now. If you don’t want to have an Ezekiel experience (where our LORD showed him what was done in hidden depths and darkness), stop here now. NOTE: The next link (14-min. video) is the approach to information for the uninitiated revealed in greater but not complete details in the longer one that follows it. Parts 1 and 2 videos from the Hagmann Report reveals truth/facts from Jamie Walden, who’s been where most of us don’t even want to go in thought, and he doesn’t go as deep into the reality as he’s done in other videos. After these two, the messages downshift in intensity (somewhat). 

NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THE “SLAVERY” CRISIS AT THE BORDER with Mark Levin: Levin: Nobody is talking about the ‘slavery’ crisis at the border | Watch (msn.com)

PART 1 – AMERICA, THE BABYLON, IS NO LONGER A MYSTERY NATION with host, investigative reporter Doug Hagmann, watchman-on-the-wall Steve Quayle, and a guy with a bio that’s prepared him to serve the LORD in a major way, Jamie Walden: Disclaimer – If this is the first time you hear such information, pray before, maybe during, and after you watch it. Ep 4608: America, The Babylon, is No Longer a Mystery Nation | Steve Quayle & Jamie Walden in a POWERFUL Broadcast | January 18, 2024 – Hagmann P.I. (hagmannpi.com)

PART 2 – URGENT BROADCAST – WAR FROM WITHIN, WAR FROM WITHOUT – THERE’S NO TURNING BACK with host, Doug Hagmann, and guests Steve Quayle and Jamie Walden who “deliver one of the most comprehensive and evidence-laden messages about our nation – and who comprises modern-day Babylon. Our fate is in the crosshairs.” Ep. 4613: URGENT Broadcast – Steve Quayle & Jamie Walden – War From Within, War From Without – There’s NO Turning Back | January 25, 2024 – Hagmann P.I. (hagmannpi.com)

WARFARE, OPEN PORTALS, TEXAS, AND MORE with Pastor Paul Begley and Mike from Around the World – Other nations are telling their people to get ready NOW for war, etc., while the USA remains silent about this but vocal about promoting satanism on every possible level: Paul Begley & MFATW Interview, War Prep, Open Portals, Texas, And More (youtube.com)

HOW DID WE TURN WORSHIP INTO SINGING with Pastor Tim Dilena of Times Square Church: Description – Pastor Tim Dilena emphasizes that true worship is not a passive act but a persistent, complete, and sacrificial obedience to God, urging believers to let go of comfort and personal desires in order to truly worship in spirit and truth. How Did We Turn Worship Into Singing | Tim Dilena (youtube.com)

THE COMING CHANGES AND THE WORK AHEAD OF US with Dr. Michael and Mary Lake / Description: There is no more time for games. Judgment is going to start in the House of God and then forward to judge Mystery Babylon. It is the task of the Remnant to wash themselves in repentance and the Word to ensure no trace of Babylon remains in or on them! The Body needs to be free, whole, and empowered by Heaven to move forth for the final Harvest for our King. KIB 423 – The Coming Changes and the Work Ahead of Us – Kingdom Intelligence Briefing

May YHVH-ELOHIM – our Almighty God and Father, our Lord and King Messiah Jesus, and Holy Spirit – convict and correct us as needed, bless and keep us, open our hearts fully to Him, and lead us in His Kingdom ways. In Messiah Jesus’ holy name…  Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!” “I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – Luke 19:39-40 NIV

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