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What to do on a Monday Night? Meet us at our Book Club
Sharrye Schlerf  ---  Gallery Books Press Sharrye Schlerf --- Gallery Books Press
Richmond, VA
Sunday, November 1, 2020

Connect with us at our new Book Club

Stress from Election jitters? Or simply hoping for a cozy Harvest time.

Unwind, relax and gather with us for our next Book Club, this Monday November 2nd, at 7PM hosted by Gallery Books Publisher, Sharrye Schlerf.
Too many book clubs? But never too many connections that matter these days.   
Here's all the Zoom room meeting info: http://ow.ly/3ds930rhbnU 

Zoom Meeting ID: 670 364 5966 Passcode: 1SHh0C

Did you know that Ms. Schlerf is also an ordained chaplain well versed in biblical studies. Whether unique vision these days amid headline turbulence foreshadowing historical timeline.
Our November Book Club chat theme will be finding "Direction in an Age of Confusion", her epic work that entailed extensive historical and biblical research. Ms Schlerf has also launched the "Prophet's Blog" as storyteller backgrounder.
Here's some thumbnail summaries of recent blogs.
blog 18 theme
With the Holiday Season happening soon, reflections of Home and Hearth. Dismayed by the urban violence, as urbanites flee to rural areas to escape dense congestion & contagion. But will the superspreader violence reach the Heartland.
blog 19 theme  
What is a "militia"? Our Second Amendment assures that.  Is our safety reassured from random vigilante "militia" exhuming historical conflict. 
blog 20 theme
Is defending our Homeland, defunding safety & safeguards? Conflicts of civil unrest v. Martial Law. or States Rights v. Congressional Order. Revisit Seattle CHAZ Zones and the Second Amendment.  
blog 21 theme
Distilling prejudice amid the Human Race: Black Lives Matter v. White Privilege. Does racial profiling include our indigenous Natives. Or study Civil Rights amid post Civil War Reconstruction to the 60s.  
blog 22 theme  
Defining Evil: whether as an evil eye across boundaries of faith -- each with its own vision. Biblical evil. Modern evil. Losses. Challenges. Conspiracy.  
Check out prior blogs: http://ow.ly/VBq330rcrZV    
Stay connected these days.  Book Clubs can be ideal to meet new online acquaintances and express sentiments -- especially timeline perspective and current events.  Meet us at our new book club for a meeting of the minds.
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