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What is your purpose?
Donny Ingram Donny Ingram
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Birmingham , AL
Tuesday, March 06, 2018


You were not created to live a purposeless existence.  Some of you may even be searching to find your life’s purpose.  If so, let me tell you, there is something out there worth the search!  The things around you are not all there is.  You must seek it, find it, and live it to the fullest!  Purpose is the one thing that many fail to identify early in life.  That is why Miles Monroe, author of In Pursuit of Purpose says, “The place you can find the most potential is the cemetery because people go to the grave and never fulfill their purpose in life.”  Purpose is important because it produces everything we need to fulfill our destiny in life.

Purpose gives us confidence.  Confidence is what allows us to know we are doing the right thing and moving in the right direction.  Purpose also provides protection.  This works in partnership with confidence because we can know that nothing can harm us until our purpose is fulfilled.  Purpose gives power to perseverance.  We must have perseverance to keep our dreams alive.  Purpose can help us maintain our objectivity.  It allows us to see beyond our current surroundings to stay focused on where we are going.  Purpose will provide contentment in our pursuit and assist us in refusing to turn away for something that might appear easier.  And lastly, purpose will bring passion, and when you have passion about something you accomplish it.

Let me encourage you to discover your purpose in life and let your purpose lead you in every decision.  Find the purpose in your job, activities and your hobbies.  Create passion for everything you do.  Finally, decide to live your purpose and let nothing hinder or stop you.

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