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What does your image day about you?
Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP, CMC - Midlife Crisis Coach Dr. Gayle Carson, CSP, CMC - Midlife Crisis Coach
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Miami , FL
Sunday, April 21, 2019


From the Journal of the S.O.B.:

Image may not be everything, but it’s darn important. Of course, a lot has to do with what you do, where you live and how you want to be perceived. Living in Florida, people are pretty casual. They shop in jeans, shorts, leggings and sometimes even bathing suits if they’re near a  beach. Up north, they are always bundled up and often wearing boots.

My first business was in the modeling and fashion industry, so the latest looks were always on the line.  When speaking full time I was always in suits and now working from home, it’s casual. However, your aura, friendliness, ability to carry on a conversation, having a variety of interests, showing an infectious smile–all contribute to people wanting to be around you. And if someone asks you about yourself, you should be able to articulate a statement that makes them stop short, widen their eyes and say “Tell me more.”

Fortunately or unfortunately, people form an impression of you within about 30 seconds (or less) of meeting you. They will decide whether to listen to what you have to say or not and you can spend the rest of your life trying to change their perception or you can make sure your image is right in the first place.

Here’s how:

  1. Your appearance is the first thing noticed so make sure it’s appropriate.
  2. Look at people directly to establish rapport and credibility.
  3. Make sure your voice is well modulated.
  4. Walk with authority.

Dr. Gayle Carson, Chief S.O.B. has announced the 2018b Spunky Broad of the Year.  And she is Dolly Parton, a prime example of what a woman over 50 can still achieve.

An extraordinary businesswoman, out of this world entertainer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, actress, author, and a philanthropist, Dolly Parton is a testament to what women can achieve.  At 72, she is continuing to have massive influence in the world of entertainment and her Dollywood Theme Park continues to thrive with new exhibits and attractions that the public adores.

Married to her husband for over 50 years, she is an example of someone who blends family and professional life with amazing dexterity and humor.  A Spunky Old Broad is someone who distinguishes herself by her uniqueness, intellect, enthusiasm, dedication, selflessness and spunky. Dolly certainly epitomizes all of those.

Dr. Gayle says “Women over 50 are like fine wine.  They only get better with age and I am delighted to have Dolly Parton as our Spunky Old Broad of the Year.” 

Gayle also says “I started the S.O.B, movement because I found that women over 50 were thinking that it was all over because they hit the magic number of 50.  I knew that they had everything it took to start new careers, develop a passion into a business and start thinking about putting themselves first.  And I was right. Right now re-invention is the name of the game.

Gayle will be addressing the East Bay Women’s Conference  in California on just that subject next month. 

Spunky Old Broad
Miami Beach, FL