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What You Must Know About Today's Eclipse - And The Two After!
Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike -- Astrologer
Chicago, IL
Friday, June 5, 2020

Three powerful eclipses this month will change life as we know it. Get dates, complete details now and buckle up for a wild ride

Events of the last two weeks have felt shocking, at a time and in a year already filled with shocks and change. They're a global example of how eclipses work - and how quickly they can change our lives.

"Many people in need of comfort and guidance - the kind that only astrology can offer in challenging times," said Astrologer Anne. "I want to provide some helpful perspective on this historic time that can help everyone navigate today's powerful eclipse - and the two that will follow during the next month of tremendous change."

3 Powerful Eclipses Coming - Starting Today

Today, June 5, begins one of the more challenging periods of an already highly charged and challenging year.

The opening act begins in mere hours: at 2:26 p.m. U.S. central time.

"Starting then - and over the next month - we'll experience three eclipses (two lunar and one solar)," Astrologer Anne explained. "They'll continue to change life as we've known it."

Passing Through The Eye Of The Needle

This process will feel like we're passing through an exceptionally tiny eye of a narrow and sharp needle.

The change demanded of us as individuals - and as a planet - will be intense and precise. With some astrological help, you can pass through this phase and come out renewed and refreshed, ready for a new era.

Get Complete Details Now

To help make that possible, Astrologer Anne has written a highly detailed article about all three eclipses coming in June and July, Next Eclipses 2020.

The article includes exact dates and times for all these eclipses. It also has all the astrology you need to make sense of them and use them to your advantage (and to help others).

It's the road map you need to make this historic journey during the most intense era of change our world has seen in generations.

Go Gently, As You Go Forward

"Go gently as you go forward into the unknown during this time," Astrologer Anne advised. "This period will bring unimaginable changes that can improve life on all levels - but it can feel intense at times.

"Please be kind to yourself, as gentleness will help you more now than pushing or forcing. With gentle grace, you can serve as a reassuring presence for your loved ones and everyone you encounter."

Check out the eclipse article now at:


Let the astrology of these times help guide you toward the ideal you seek.

About Astrologer Anne

Astrologer Anne is Anne Nordhaus-Bike, a longtime professional astrologer and award-winning astrology journalist.

She's also in demand as a speaker and is a frequent and popular guest on radio, where she takes calls from listeners and shares what's in the stars for every astrology sign. Her free horoscopes cover every zodiac sign for devoted readers on her website. The National Women's Hall of Fame honored her accomplishments, adding her to its Wall Of Fame. She is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers.

For more information, go to https://astrologeranne.com/

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