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What Social Media Platform Is Best for You and Your Industry? by Jessica Byrnes
American Evaluation Association (AEA) American Evaluation Association (AEA)
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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Jessica Byrnes
Jessica Byrnes
Hi, I’m Jessica Byrnes, and I’m a member of the AEA marketing team.
Did you know that 92% of marketers say social media has helped increase their business exposure? Essentially: If social media isn’t already a part of your marketing model, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity!
However, it’s important that you spend your time and energy wisely online. Instead of creating an account on every single social media platform, consider focusing your efforts on two to three key platforms that have the most appeal to your target audience.
To determine what platforms might be best for you and your evaluation practice, check out my quick run-down below on a few of the most popular options:


Facebook remains one of the most widely-used platforms today, and is great for reach, engagement, views, and driving traffic to a website or blog. Plus, with a business account, you have access to powerful advertising tools and in-depth analytics.


Photo-centric Instagram is best for brands, publishers, and influencers in lifestyle industries that post highly-visual content. Features like live video and Instagram Stories aid in making your business relatable, and since the platform is housed on users’ smartphones, your content is guaranteed to be accessible on the go.


While LinkedIn is primarily a platform for professionals to connect and network, it’s also a major hub for jobs, news, industry updates, and insights. Because of its professional focus, LinkedIn is an effective platform for sharing longer-form informational and educational content with like-minded individuals.


Twitter is best for those who want to proactively engage with other industry leaders and be a part of the digital conversation around a particular topic?. Keep in mind that the platform is fast-paced and concise by nature, so successful content should mirror that: relevant and to-the-point.


Any business that can add value through video content is perfect for YouTube, especially if there is a how-to or do-it-yourself element. After all, videos (made well) have the potential to be much more engaging than plain text alone.
Ultimately, the social media platforms you choose to use are up to you. What platforms are you already using, and which ones would you like to try? Comment below!

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