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We Beg to Differ #58
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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Tuesday, February 2, 2021


February 2, 2021


The Biden Administration has been critical of the slowness and lack of care of the Trump Administration in eliminating the destructive power of the novel coronavirus. During the end of the Trump regime, it was clear that many Republicans were heading, along with Trump, to ending of the lockdown throughout the country. Trump, although the engine behind the
“Warp Speed” vaccination, still entertained and actually used alternative therapies. In terms of the regulations offered by Fauci and others, he had to be practically pummeled before he would wear a mask- and resorted to his preferred alternative solution when he supposedly came down with the virus. Here is what Biden said before his election.

Biden criticizes President Trump’s response during COVID-19 pandemic | USA TODAY

But despite Trumps apparent vaccilations, no doubt the majority of establishment Republicans and Democrats endorse the vaccination solution. Considering that one of Biden’s first initiatives was to demand the continual use of masks in Federal buildings and properties and this is supposed be absolutely in accordance with Science, as mentioned so effectively above.

Of course not everyone is so sure of the science. And now, as Ron Paul describes, there is a new edict from the CDC regarding the necessity of having two masks when riding public transportation. Could it be that wearing masks could be more dangerous than not wearing masks?

CDC Now Demands TWO Masks – Science…Or Tyranny?

And if masks were so important, can you imagine how absolutely “Science,” in Biden’s estimation, must be important in his decision to fast track the Warp Speed vaccines, which turned out not to always being distributed at faster-than-light speed. We are so lucky our elected officials know so much about science as applied to the pandemic and the general nature of science. Science? The last word.

But still, some say”Science ” is not so authoritative just because people can quote some clinical studies or have really good credentials.

In a fascinating report, written by Peter R. Breggin, M.D., a psychiatrist, who is working with attorneys to address the justifications for the lockdowns in certain states, addresses this important point about science, in the beginning of his paper, COVID-19 & Public Health Totalitarianism: Untoward Effects on Individuals, Institutions and Society

“Public health experts and policymakers believe that they can estimate what is scientifically required to fight a pandemic and that their personally determined requirements override most or all other considerations. But as a physician, psychiatrist, and researcher who has spent more than fifty years writing and evaluating research studies, I can explain why public health experts and officials are vastly more limited in their scientific knowledge than they admit.

As other experts will confirm in this report, there is no historical precedent and no scientific basis to the ever-changing pronouncements by public health officials that have driven this nation into a state of fearful lockdown. Nearly every policy and practice—from closing of schools and the stay-at-home orders to the use of various medications and respirators—is subject to varied and conflicting scientific opinion, and to an overall lack of sound data.

The opinions being expressed with such authority come from people who have, for much of their lives, held themselves out as the last final word in their fields—but that does not make their opinions scientifically sound. In fact, the very word “authority” should never be uttered in the same breath with “scientific.” There are no “scientific authorities”—there is the body of research and opinion, always conflicted, forever evolving, with innumerable individuals searching for and comparing their versions of empirical truth. The idea of “scientific authority” is a fiction created by media analysts and politicians seeking seemingly superior experts to bolster their preconceived biases and opinions.”

Please click here to download Dr. Peter Breggi’s whole report.

In this discussion, we shall look at the justification for the vaccines and other related solutions and those who have found many elements surrounding all this problematical. Here is Perre Kory, M.D., an Associate Professor of Medicine at St. Luke’s Aurora Medical Center, delivering story about a potential non-vaccine treatment before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

Here is a video from the Highwire.com, one of the more alternative sites discussing the pandemic. It is hosted by Del BigTree, who produced the VAXXED and VAXXED2 documentaries. His account was deleted from YouTube. In this video, several powerful anti-viral medicines are discussed.

One of the people I listen to (I am also a member of his organization, Advanced Medicine) is Dr. Rashid A. Buttar. As one of his subscribers, he sent me an email (one of a series of six, where he described the extreme censorship which has blunted his messages, generally sent to thousands of followers:


I know you haven’t heard from me for the last 6 weeks or so. But there was a reason for that. You will understand why shortly but it’s because of censorship!

Over the next 72 hours, I will be sending out a total of 6 emails with very specific, critical information for you. Each of these is an urgent call to action. This is the first of the six. And each email will build upon the previous.

I don’t think it’s any news to anyone watching what’s going on in our world today, that the social media platforms have completely taken over the information that we receive, censoring what ever they want and swaying us in what ever direction they deem appropriate!

YouTube put me in “YouTube jail” yesterday and has prevented me from posting videos. Instagram has already prevented me for 2 weeks now from live-streaming my weekly Monday night public livestreams.

In July and August, my YouTube channel had no new subscribers. I was frozen at 413,000 subscribers despite a meteoric rise in subscribers from April to June. But it all came to a stop in June. In July and August, I did not have a single new subscriber.

I was told “maybe you lost your mojo”. Then, from Aug 18 to Aug 21, my YouTube channel exploded. In less than 72 hours, I had over 84,000 new subscribers. Someone at YouTube forgot to hit the “BLOCK” button on my channel. And then, for the next 3 months, not a SINGLE new subscriber!!!!!

My subscribers went from 413,000 to 497,000 in 3 days. Then NO NEW SUBSCRIBERS for 3 months! Mind you, I was being massively shadow banned anyway before that. But now it was blatant. That’s because the powers that be were actively trying to block all or our abilities to communicate with each other!

Dr. Lipton, Nia Peeples and I did a video on GRATITUDE!!! And it was blocked after hitting a million views in less than 4 days. WHY???

Well, my livestream from yesterday explains it all. It could not have been put out at a more perfect time. It was totally unplanned. And before going live, I had NO idea YouTube had blocked my largest audience.”

The fact is that alternative voices, often censored, have decried the reality of the pandemic altogether. They have suggested that the most often used PCR test us tragically flawed and does not provide any usefulness of a test. For one thing, some say it was never meant to be used as a test- only a device for enlarging the image of a molecule by replicating it many, many times- and that, even if there were a specific substance or organism that could be identified, it could never tell whether it had caused a specific illness, anyway. Further, even if could identify a certain substance, in this instance, the virus was never isolated at all.”

The justification for the lockdown, the vaccinations, the quarantine and all its regulations are all “supported by science” and the authorities would like to make us think that they have definitive proof for each and every element that they have imposed on citizens. “

In Doctor Buttar’s case, he has challenged most of the main elements used by government to respond to the pandemic. To learn more about or even join Advanced Medicine, please go to Dr. Buttar’s site:

In this article in Life Site News, we can watch a powerful video by a young medical doctor warning us about a new level of totalitarianism being reached by the censorship we now are experiencing every day.

We are reaching an unthinkable ‘level of totalitarianism’: MD on pandemic | News | Lifesitenews https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/we-are-reaching-an-unthinkable-level-of-totalitarianism-md-on-pandemic

One of the main points of contention about the pandemic is that all of these lockdowns and restrictions supposedly can only be legally imposed by a state government if there is an emergency. Here Pam Popper, interviewed by Spiro Skouras, explains about the lawsuit to which she has dedicated herself and her organization. If you want to find the main reason that was used to justify the lockdowns and restrictions- it was the statistics. Did they every add up to an emergency to lock up this planet and the opportunity for survival and prosperity for the citizens of this planet?

The Lawsuit That Could End Covid-1984 with Dr. Pam Popper

Freedom of speech is one of the essential components of the Bill of Rights and is actually of major importance in the area of scientific investigation. To limit the expression of doctors, scientists and journalists because it disagrees with mainstream narratives is a dangerous game to play if you wish to have a democracy.



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