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We Beg to Differ #46
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Wednesday, July 01, 2020


June 30th, 2020 With the so-called spikes in various U.S. states with the virus, lockdown components are being restored here and there. With the United States and other nations experiencing the beginning of the immense dangers faced by the majority of their populations because of businesses and jobs being loss, the huge credit backlashes facing many consumers, the lack of adequate health protections, hyperinflation because of the rampant creation of fiat money, etc.- questioning every facet of the pandemic historically and currently is in order. How on Earth did we get here and where is it all going?

Questioning isn’t going to be easy- because there are many voices out there.

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It is quite clear that every facet of the U.S. government reaction to the pandemic as well as other countries has been questioned by many scientists and doctors for quite some time. To some extent this reaction has been muted by virtue of the continual censoring of alternative news by social media and the continuing power of mainstream media. The voices are still there- but, in my opinion, if people, in general, reach out for news in the United States- they reach out for major media which bombards them with their version of the truth.

In this edition, we begin with some comments by Doctor Fauci who is probably, outside of Bill Gates, the world’s loudest spokesman for the quarantine and other restrictions-(like masks and social distancing) and the highly controversial warp speed vaccine. Unfortunately, this is a rather technical area- yet we must all make up our minds as to what is real and what is made up.

In the following video, Fauci mourns the lack of attention to social distancing, wearing masks and shaking hands- all of which have been questioned as having any real value in protecting oneself and others from the virus. That, in itself, doesn’t mean Fauci isn’t right- but it does mean, in my mind, that there is intelligent dissent that must be investigated.

Fauci: Vaccine might not get US sufficient level of immunity

Fauci also looks at the importance of contact tracing, what I believe is an ultra-intrusive way of connecting people who allegedly have the virus and may have contacted others. Sad to say, marshaling thousands and thousands of people to go to people’s home- and, even as some have suggested, remove members of the family and put them under quarantine- is highly disturbing. This type of so-called “important” measures to keep us health- can easily be abused by government. It is basically’ an intrusion into our right to privacy, an act of surveillance where records of our personal connection and possibly private health information is now owned by the government. These protections of privacy were there to prevent government abuse. The Founding Fathers were very right about their suspicion of government and the protections they have put in the Constitution, undoubtedly because of the abuse the colonies experienced while under the thumb of King George. Also requiring deep consideration, there are concerns about the validity of all of it- the accuracy of the testing, the quarantine, the social distancing, the masks, etc.- and especially the lockdown of the economy, especially because, in many accounts, this pandemic is presented to be, in terms of numbers of fatalities to infections, similar to that of a regular flu. But if the testing is considerably wrong, where does that leave us? But even though, I have a rather clear opinion, I am keeping my mind open to the truth, no matter what side it comes from.

Another point is that Fauci is again broadcasting the need for a vaccine, commenting that there is a sub-section of our population that do not like vaccines. An idea of what this group of vaccine dissidents is like is indicated by the crowd that gathered outside Colorado State’s House of Representatives when there was a hearing going on about a standards for student immunization.

Breaking: House Health & Insurance Hearing

This next video reports on the reaction to the New York State Bar taking a positive position on Mandatory Vaccines for all New Yorkers except those with a medical exemption.

Setting The Bar On Mandatory Vaccination

Dr. Andrew Kaufman responds to Reuter’s response to his views on the new proposed vaccination, which is alleged to alter human DNA.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman Responds To Reuters Fact Check on COVID-19
Vaccine Genetically Modifying Humans

This is another video regarding the need for wearing masks and a response to the claim that various American stakes have experienced a large spike in Covid-19 infections.

Do Masks Even Work? Can You Be Forced
To Wear One? Dr. Kaufman Weighs In

This is a fascinating video where scientific studies about masks have been analyzed and also the new spikes in infections in various states is discussed.




DISCLAIMER: We share various types of videos for you to scrutinize. Unless we specifically say so, we do not necessarily agree with their content, in whole or in part. Sometimes, we will present written or audio/video material concerned with health issues. We always recommend that before you try anything, you check with your medical or certified health professional.

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