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Waterhouse Art Gallery Adds Their Positive Energy to the Montecito Art Scene
Scott M. Haskins -- Art Conservation-Restoration, Pets and Heirlooms, Art Damage Scott M. Haskins -- Art Conservation-Restoration, Pets and Heirlooms, Art Damage
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Dateline: Santa Barbara, CA
Thursday, July 20, 2023

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 Santa Barbara’s most enduring art gallery – The Waterhouse Gallery – has opened an additional new gallery to bless Montecito with a place to gather for high quality, traditional contemporary art. Its definitely stimulating to see the quality and genius of masters who lift your spirits, tantalize your senses, and stimulate your wanderlust nature. Located at Coast Village Plaza, this cozy center is a treat to visit again and again.

The owners, Diane and Ralph Waterhouse, have been residing in Santa Barbara for decades and opened their first gallery in La Arcada Plaza (1114 State Street, Suite 9) in 1984. Today, the couple is excited to expand their cultural outreach in a different location.

Featuring a host of national and local professional artists, this space is divided up into different genres, including figurative paintings and landscape-based art depicting Santa Barbara as well as other regions. Diane explains, “Traditional contemporary work is something we are passionate about. We showcase art that we enjoy owning and displaying at our own home.”

Each one of the Waterhouse power-couple complements the other in this artistic endeavor, with Ralph Waterhouse being a renowned painter and Diane Waterhouse possessing a talent and an eye for finding captivating art. Their dynamic partnership extends beyond business to philanthropic outreach work. “We certainly work seamlessly together and are a great team,” Diane acknowledges.

As art lovers who have been a part of the business for almost four decades, their knowledge is second to none. They enjoy discussing their experiences, which will certainly enrapture any art lover. If you are kind-of shy, do not worry about venturing to a new location! Diane has a knack for making friends within minutes. Their galleries are totally non-threatening and a very easy place to feel comfortable.

Ralph and Diane Waterhouse celebrating their Santa Barbara’s gallery with Wyllis Heaton at the anniversary

The Waterhouses are renowned for their experience and expertise in the art community and have gradually built close relationships with various world-class artists, such as Scott M. Haskins, Conservator of Fine Art in Santa Barbara. The latter is a magician when it comes to resuscitating or maintaining paintings that require restoration. Fine Art Conservation Laboratories is a highly reputed institution, since invaluable paintings that sustain damage from smoke, flood, or fire are brought back to life here. Mr. Haskins revealed that during various house visits, he is stunned to find paintings procured from the Waterhouse Gallery. “The quality of artists they choose to showcase is top-notch,” he added.

Fine Art Conservation Laboratories – Virginia Panizzon, Art Conservator, works on historical paintings for Casa Romantica in San Clemente, CA

When you decide to visit this gallery, be prepared to fall in love with the art pieces displayed here. Diane believes in choosing art that touches her heart and brings her joy. Each piece of art displayed here will stir your emotions and prompt you to recall stories from your past. From figurative paintings to depictions of local landscapes such as Butterfly Beach, the Historical Santa Barbara County Courthouse and Arroyo Burro Beach, you will find masterpieces that will force you to embark on an unforgettable journey.  “Interestingly enough, both the tourists and the locals enjoy art that showcases local scenes,” Diane exclaimed.

The art gallery in Montecito was opened on April 1, 2023, and the Waterhouses  are consistently excited about the prospect of interacting with other art-lovers through their gallery. In particular, Diane enjoys watching people buy their first-ever painting. “I always tell them that you should buy any piece of art that touches your heart; otherwise, you will live with regret,” she said. Simply put, something that looks great in the gallery may look even better in your home. You can even try it out in your home before you decide!

Questions? Call Diane Waterhouse 805 886 2988

Art Conservation questions?

Call Scott M. Haskins, Art Conservator 805 564 3438

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See more about the featured artists – https://www.waterhousegallery.com/index.html

Article By Meghana Venkata, Guest Blogger,  @venkatameghana

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