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Vonda Pelto’s New Book, Without Redemption, About L.A.’s Freeway Killers is Sure to be an Intense Page Turner
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Marina Del Rey , CA
Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Freeway Killers James Munro & Gregory Mylie

In a few months Vonda Pelto's second book, Without Redemption: Part II of Dr. Vonda Pelto's Journey Thru the Minds, Souls & Deeds of L.A.'s Freeway Killers, will be published and it will be chronicle the crimes and her dealings with group of horribly vicious serial killers and sexual predators. During her time working at the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail she had personal contact with Freeway Killer William Bonin and his crew of miscreants, James Munro, Gregory Mylie and William Pugh. The only one she didn't deal with was Vernon Butts, whose jailhouse suicide was the reason she was brought in to keep the others serial killers housed at the jail and awaiting trail. These included Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi, Sunset Strip Killer Douglas Clark, Trash Bag Murderer Eli Kamanchero and others.

Pelto is still in contact with Munro and communicated with Mylie until he was murdered in jail. The new book will be an in depth look at these men based on her candid conversations and the letters they wrote to her during and after her stint at the County Jail as a soon be licensed Clinical Psychologist. Those years of close contact with such devious souls took a serious toll on her mental and physical health and haunted her dreams for many years afterwards.

Included in the book will be letters from William Bonin and other Freeway Killers. Vonda is still communicates with James Munro, serving a life sentence, and was in touch with Gregory Mylie before he was killed in a prison a few years ago. Without Redemption will be more detailed than her previous book and is sure offer a unique perspective of William Bonin and the Freeway Killers.

Her first book, Without Remorse: The Story of the Woman who Kept Los Angeles' Serial Killers Alive, has been issued in an updated paperback edition and Without Remorse Kindle version on Amazon.

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