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Vistage Emerging Leader (EL) Program Scheduled to Launch in New York City
Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. --  Age Brilliantly Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. -- Age Brilliantly
New York, NY
Sunday, September 11, 2022


Press release: September 11, 2022                               

Contact: Jerry Cahn, jerry.cahn@vistagechair.com, 646-290-7664


Vistage Emerging Leader (EL) Program Scheduled to Launch in New York City

Virtual Briefing to Introduce the EL Leadership Development Program is on September 14, 2022 at 8:30 AM


[New York, NY; September 11, 2022] — Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D., a NYC Master Chair for Vistage Worldwide, announced today that a Virtual Briefing will take place on September 14, 2022 at 8:30 AM to introduce the Emerging Leader (EL) program to CEOs and HR Leaders. The EL program provides a multi-channel leadership development learning experience for 'high-potential' workers who companies want to fast-track.


"With the Great Resignation draining companies of talented workers at a time of increased volatility in economics, supply chains, lifestyles and geopolitics," notes Dr. Cahn, "forward-looking companies need to build a strong leadership bench.  By aligning employees' desire for purposeful work, and a chance to make meaningful contributions over time, the EL program gives them a chance to accelerate the growth of "rising stars" to become future leaders.


Bill George, former Medtronic CEO, recently wrote a new book, True North: Emerging Leader Edition, which affirms the importance of investing in emerging leaders – so they can be fast-tracked and inspire a culture which encourages people to step-up and be more productive in companies. 'They seek alignment with organizations whose purpose and values are congruent with their own. They focus on empowering their teammates and coaching them to reach their full potential…They are committed to meeting the needs of all their stakeholders, and willing to take stands on moral issues, based on their purpose and values.'"

For 65+ years, Vistage Worldwide has been helping 100,000+ CEOs become better leaders, make better decisions, and produce better corporate results. Using a four-part, 24/7 service ecosystem, member firms grow 2-3X faster than competitors (D&B data). Indeed, Training Magazine ranks Vistage as a top 10 leader development company. Vistage created the Emerging Leader Program in response to the CEOs' requests for help with developing future leaders.


Dr. Cahn adds, "As a Chair of CEO Boards, mentor, teacher, entrepreneur and executive coach, I appreciate the unique multi-channel format curriculum. Over two years for students to learn, apply and explore the 12 Leadership Competencies curriculum in monthly meetings with expert speakers, class exercises, company mentors, and accountability pods. Our goal is to have the EL students attend a virtual pre-launch meeting before the end of September and start the live classes in the Manhattan location soon after."


To attend the one hour Virtual Zoom Briefing for company CEOs and HR leaders on September 14 at 8:30 AM, contact Jerry.cahn@vistagechair.com.


About the Emerging Leader (EL) Program

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For more about Vistage Worldwide, visit:  https://Vistage.com and https://vi-ny.com

For more about Dr. Cahn see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerrycahn/

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