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Video with Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond for Mental Health Awareness Week

Marilyn L. Redmond

 What is mental health and how can a person overcome mental illness? Marilyn Redmond details the "how" to move through the process of returning to sanity. Through her experience, strength and optimism she explains the steps she used to bring her a new lifestyle and happiness.

Growing up in mental illness and not understanding what it was about, she did not let the label of Bipolar Disorder stop her from outgrowing the definition and keeping her in that box. She knows you do not have to let a diagnosis be a lifetime sentence. She talks about this on her video at You Tube titled, On Steps to Understanding Mental Health https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRxaoRWMEnc

Through her many counseling sessions, 12 step groups, and classes to learn healthy behaviors, she has learned that she did not have to compensate for what is missing in her life and act out irrationally to life situation. Her family could not provide the modeling to grow up. She needed to find those answers on her own. When she heard it was a disease of no talk, no trust, and no feelings, immediately, she felt she had the answers to move beyond her past of being a secret.

When leaving treatment for addictions she continued replacing the prescriptions and alcohol with a daily spiritual program as suggested by the 12 step programs. Stopping all drinking and medications was difficult but brought her a rational mind to make rational decisions. She found that the toxic substances stopped her feelings, and emotional growth. Being sane and sober brought better results into her life as she lived the steps into sanity.

Replacing a daily spiritual program for the medications, made the difference. She could move forward out of her past trauma and reacting into responding in love to the challenges of life. Learning life skills, communication tools, and how to handle feelings now that it was safe to feel, were major lessons into reality.

With complete honesty and releasing all secrets about her own abuse, brought freedom to move from being a fearful victim into leaving the past behind with forgiveness. The past did not have to be relived in the old fearful survival of her growing up years. Learning healthy behaviors and outgrowing her co-dependency was a victory. 

After reading the book, People of the Lie", by Dr. Scot Peck, she understood her mother's paranoid schizophrenia. Her mother could not be totally honest about her own abuse in her childhood and growing up, which included abandonment, sexual abuse, attempt by relatives to kill her, and ending up in a orphanage while her mother was sick. Marilyn took on many symptoms of her mother and found she needed to heal these emotional energies, too. This total cleaning out the old for living in the present, she calls the roto-rooter system. 

In finding a spiritual trust in a loving universe, cleaning out her past harms, and being of service to others has brought a new life of living in joy, gratitude and the presence of love. Her Higher Power supports her in all things which allowed her to mature. She knows that love never fails and finding that love within her heart has become the foundation for a healthy life. 

This information is detailed in her book, "Paradigm Busters - Reveal The Real You" at Amazon.com It took Marilyn 25 years to write this book as she was growing into being a grown up. It has been an adventure to move out of the box of insanity into a world where all is good. Her other books at Amazon offer tools to include in the process of recovery.

Rev. Marilyn L. Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT is an ordained spiritual minister for counseling, readings, regression, and healing. She can help you find health, happiness, and prosperity, too. She is an internationally board-certified regressionist for past life therapy and on the American Board of Hypnotherapy. In addition, she is a teacher, speaker, and medium channeling ascended beings.

Also, she gives readings and healing information from the other side for illness, relationships, and issues in your life. Her two radio shows are on the internet. Saved many times by angels, she sees them and loves to paint portraits of your angels. Her books have tools, information, and help to find a higher consciousness of love, grace, and compassion. Her many articles and monthly columns reveal how she achieved a consciousness of oneness.

 More from Marilyn: http://www.angelicasgifts.com. Ten books and eBooks, at Amazon.com, 173 You Tube videos of lectures, interviews, and her radio shows are currently available at https://www.youtube.com/results?searc... Her web site is Angelicasgifts.com. In addition, check out her blog at marilynredmondbooks.blogspot.com. She can be contacted at marilyn@angelicasgifts.com


Rev. Marilyn Redmond, BA, CHT, IBRT can help you find health, happiness and prosperity, too. She is a spiritual counselor, internationally board-certified regressionist, hypnotist, teacher, speaker, and medium. In addition, she gives readings and is an ordained minister for spiritual healing. Marilyn’s 10 books at Amazon and on line at Barnes and Nobel, and many articles reveal how she achieved a consciousness of oneness in healing her traumatic life of mental illness, addictions, PTSD, domestic violence, depression, and more. Read her monthly column on https://www.thesussexnewspaper.com  Check her website, https://www.angelicasgifts.com /her 172 videos on You Tube at https://www.youtube.com/user/puyallup98372, and her blog at http://marilynredmondbooks.blogspot.com./ Contact her at marilyn@angelicasgifts.com


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