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Valentines and Rain will make STEAM come alive to teach math and kindness this week
Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters Bo Lebo -- NEO,Inc. -- Literacy Matters
Los Angeles , CA
Monday, February 12, 2018

Kids First of So Cal now at The Legends Gym and Plummer EL with openings
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Valentines make the Cut- they are no longer a black hole, but an opportunity for art, science, subject integration, writing, listening and making.....whahoo!!!


This week some children are now making valentines by hand and others talking and exploring the concept of "kindness".  This promises an annual holiday full of sweets and shapes and raises sweet expectations for a mix up between history, hope, hand-on art and science in Elementary schools.  From childcare programs like Kids First of So Cal or in classroom programs with arts educators and elementary teachers like New Education Options (NEO) at Liggett, teachers, volunteers, specialists and childcare workers look forward to writing love letters to love notes and designing lesson plans.  While NEO's Director, Ms. Lebo is setting up science projects for those participating in the GLOBE Virtual Science Fair submission deadline March lst, she is musing with many other educators of how to fundraise, use the coming event and do real science with the pending event about the Saint.


Making something out of paper and writing a note can become an experience of multiple subjects.  Kids suddenly see a pencil and a piece of paper can make peace and unify core studies.  Who knew a love note with a bit of decoration can bring Math, Art and Social Interactions together…..awareness, assessment, application, and laughter can be connected for the teacher observing and total joy for the youngster discovering the Saint's day and folding with clipping, stick-ons,  forethought, pens, glitter, an envelope and glue.


It explains life before email and sets concentration on fire.  Who knew that this art and communication project is a demonstration of STEM, Art, reading, writing and thinking and so can link across many federal rubrics and standards and useful for teaching how to follow directions, use of free thought, use of supplies, sharing, safe use of scissors, rulers and sharing resources.


So much fun and actual school participation and group collaboration or individual self-expression in the midst of becoming self-expressed and a maker. Wow!

Valentines can be 2 D or 3 D. Realia from molded chocolate hearts to ceramics can spur imaginations. A trip to the Getty or photos of cool valentines can encourage risk taking. And because of video making you can now expect Principal's encouraging "kindness" as a short video group collaboration theme or the subject for a student makeup project. Writing a kindness script to balance accounts for bad behavior or as a catch up assignment for missing homework.  With wet weather this week,  a focused assignment may make new kinds of discussion about behavior, boundaries, perimeters, good behavior, and plane geometry come alive.


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Cynthyny Lebo
New Education Options, Inc
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