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Using Your Voice: A Conversation with Catherine Johns
Anne Janzer -- Membership Expert Anne Janzer -- Membership Expert
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: San Luis Obispo , CA
Monday, March 16, 2020


Want to share your ideas with the world? Learn to use your voice.

If you want to be an author, thought leader, or a little of both, you’re going to need to speak in public—whether on a stage or on a podcast. The way that you use your voice matters.

Catherine Johns is an expert in using her voice. After decades of radio news experience, she now coaches people on effective and authentic public speaking.

We had a delightful conversation about using your voice with authority. Topics include

  • Advice on commanding the room
  • Balancing command of the room with connection
  • The importance of eye contact
  • Speech patterns and pitch (particularly for women)
  • The power of the pause

There’s much in here for women in particular. Near the end, Catherine says, “The world is full of women who haven’t fully shown up, and so we’re missing out on their brilliance.”

Learn how to show up as your best self.

Listen to our conversation below:

Listen to our conversation here.

Find the transcript here.

Visit Catherine’s website: CatherineJohns.com

Check out Catherine’s book: Show Up and Shine

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