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Unlimited Legacies through Age Brilliantly Charities
Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. --  Age Brilliantly Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. -- Age Brilliantly
New York, NY
Wednesday, December 14, 2022



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Unlimited Legacies through Age Brilliantly Charities

Platform Facilitates Contributing to the Charities You Support

New York, NY – Thanksgiving, Nov. 24, 2022 – Age Brilliantly members understand that one way of leading a fulfilling 100-year life is to share with people who are less fortunate and organizations who provide support, research and leadership for the causes that you champion. For that reason, as the holidays and tax-planning inspire people to share with others, Age Brilliantly is rolling out a portal, AgeBrilliantlyCharities.org, which facilitates your ability to donate to some of the 1000+ charities that you support.

"There are many charitable mission-focused organizations providing support, research and other services to make the world a better place, promote their favorite causes," observed Jerry Cahn, Ph.D., J.D. Age Brilliantly CEO and CLO. "By offering a portal, it's easy to decide on the size of the contribution you want to make and donate appropriately to the many charities that you and your family support." Age Brilliantly(.org) is an interactional platform for adults of all ages who want to maximize their ability

to lead healthy, fulfilling 100+-year lives. Peers, experts, and service providers share information, inspiration, support, tools and resources with which to make better aging-related decisions.

"The gift of longevity and science enables some adults today, and most children in the future, to lead unlimited lives and legacies." said Dr. Cahn. "Rather than follow traditions created a century ago when life-spans were shorter (e.g., 60s) and people stopped working (i.e., retire) to still enjoy a few years of leisure, we believe that the extra 20-40 years is not added to that "last stage of life". Instead, adulthood is elongated, and you can spend the 80 adult years in whatever ways you believe generate a fulfilling life.

Engage in your passions and purposes throughout life, as you participate in several careers and significant relationships in possibly several homes. Include time for learning, travel, leisure, and self-reflection for goal-reorientation throughout the journey."

Dr. Cahn concluded, "Warren Buffet once said that 'it doesn't make sense' to put things off. We agree. The pandemic clearly demonstrated to people that people want to lead an integrated, holistic, fulfilling life. One small way we can help is to make it easier for people to make their charitable contributions to make the world a better place while they're learning how to take charge of their own futures."

For more information:

Visit AgeBrilliantlyCharities.org. Contact Dr. Jerry Cahn at jcahn@agebrilliantly.org.

Visit AgeBrilliantly.org to join the movement to learn about upcoming 2023 educational programs.

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