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Unless you have BILLIONS to spare: Understanding the importance of your culture
Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA Gary W. Patterson -- Big 4 CPA, Stanford MBA
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Atlanta , GA
Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Sustainable profitable growth and strategic enterprise risk management (ERM) expert Gary W. Patterson, FiscalDoctor® and Robert Barker, who has counseled boards and management teams for over 25 years, propose a simple common sense strategically applied executable plan to add or preserve meaningful value for your middle market or SMB company in their article The Risks of Undervaluing a Focus on Culture published by Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI) — https://www.corporatecomplianceinsights.com/risk-undervaluing-culture/

Here’s how you can use this two-minute test to benefit yourorganization:

  • Do not forget the fundamental basics of how well your culture reflects the mission statement and focus
  • Jot down your numerical ranking for each of three statements:
  • Finally, make sure this information validates your strategic plan, budget and enterprise risk management framework.

Who should consider applying this process with applications for sustainableprofitable growth governance, risk assessments and enterprise risk managementERM) type issues, inside a value based operational and strategic assessment framework?Family business, private and public business and equity group investors, andincluding:

  • Corporate directors, key committee chairs and board chairs
  • Corporate officers and C-suite executives
  • Shareholders, stakeholders, regulators and legislators

To help meet financial and strategic goals, it isimperative for management to understand the magnitude of risks in pursuit ofbusiness objectives and how the organization’s products and offerings andopportunities can be mapped to these risks. Just as every person needs amedical doctor, every organization needs a FiscalDoctor and periodic fiscalcheckups. FiscalDoctor also supports special projects for business growth, riskassessments, value-based enterprise risk management (ERM), operational riskmanagement (ORM), fiscal checkups, corporate governance, strategic planningupdates, special board projects or requests and strategic growth diagnostics.

AboutCorporate Compliance Insights

Corporate Compliance Insights is a professionally designed andmanaged forum dedicated to online discussion and analysis of corporatecompliance, risk assessment, ethics, audit and corporate governance topics.Additionally, Corporate Compliance Insights is a focused knowledge-sharingforum designed to educate and encourage informed interaction within thecorporate compliance community – dealing with issues of ethics, audit,compliance, FCPA, governance, risk, and fraud.

Corporate Compliance Insights is owned and published bySarah Hadden, CEO of CCI Media Group.  

AboutRobert Barker

Barker is anattorney living in Atlanta who has practiced in domestic and internationalM&A, securities and exchange issues. He has served as in-house counsel andoutside counsel to corporations for more than 25 years, including advisingboards and management teams.  Bob can be reached at +01-678-576-3992 or barkercr3@gmail.com.

AboutGary W. Patterson

Patterson, aBig 4 CPA / Stanford MBA, speaks regularly on business growth, accountability,facilitation, governance, risk management, achieving corporate financial goals,and building long-term wealth. His book MillionDollar Blind Spots: 20/20 Vision for Financial Growth provides cutting edge follow-upfor blind spots: how to identify them, exploit opportunities and mitigaterisks. Visit his website at http://www.fiscaldoctor.com and “free” fiscalfitness test at http://www.fiscaldoctor.com/fiscal-quiz/ , or call 678-319-4739.

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