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Unique Kids Video Collection Includes Birth, Learning, Fun & Tahiti: Hidden Archives Comes to Life with Upbeat EDM Music
E.B. GO Vision Media E.B. GO Vision Media
Marina Del Rey , CA
Sunday, March 11, 2018

Princess Red & Mickey

Finding a way to showcase those early years of life, during which time many parents go digital hog wild, can be a daunting task. Slogging through reams of video clips and endless photos images is enough to make even the most ambitious person's brain to melt, which is why E.B. GO Vision Media was tasked with finding a way to bring coherence and a sense of fun to the effort of showcasing the early years of Princess Red and Mickey. The idea was to make it fun for them and others who might stumble on the videos on their newly established You Tube Channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsroTutpuPUogKfAW5eyV2w.

During the course of editing it became clear, just like in movies, the music was going to be of vital importance. Experimentation revealed that it was good to carve a new path in children's videos by employing EDM music, which combines a number of different factors which produce a terrific backdrop for the moving and still images.

Below is a majority of the videos of the first years of the life of Princess Red & Mickey edited by E.B. GO Vision Media.  

Princess Red is Born, Checked & Cleaned Set to Songs "Alive" by Krewella & from Seven Lions' "Days to Come" featuring Fiora & "Calling You Home" featuring Runn

2-Day Old Mickey Gets 2nd Visit from Princess Red to "Something New" & "Dreamer" by Axwell & Ingrosso

1-Day Old Mickey Needs to be Woken Up for 1st Feeding to "Sleepwalker" by Illenium feat. Joni Fatora & Intro is a part of "Long Way Home" by Gareth Emery

Mickey is Born, Checked Out & Cleaned Up to "Lights & Thunder" by Gareth Emery with Vocals by Krewella

1-Day Old Mickey Gets 1st Visit from Big Sis & She Wants "Her Baby" to "Night Sky" by Rameses B. and Progressive House Opening from Dreamer by Axwell & Ingrosso

Tahiti Princess Red & Kira Beach Play at Sunset to "Save Me" by Gareth Emery with vocals by Christina Novelli

Hilton Moorea Snack & Play for Princess Red, Kira & Mickey & Then A Scenic Drive to "Anywhere I Go" by Vicetone, "Sweet Escape" by Alesso with Vocals by Sirena and "Red Lights" by Tiesto

Tahitian Beach Fun for Princess Red & Mickey set to "Falling Away" by Seven Lions (Mitis Remix) with vocals by Lights & "Feel Good" by Gryffin/Illenium with vocals by Daya and a portion of "United We Dance" by Vicetone

4-Year Old Princess Red & 2-Year Old Mickey in Tahiti Swimming with Petting Stingrays with Sharks Lurking About off Moorea

4-Year Old Princess Red & 2-Year Old Mickey in Tahiti Boating, Seeing Dolphins & Feeding Coral Fish Set to "Tremble" by Vicetone

Princess Red & Mickey Tahiti Vacation Slide Show Set to "United We Dance" and "I Hear You" and "Nothing Stopping Me" with Vocals by Kat Nestel by Vicetone and "Virus, How About Now" by Martin Garrix & Moti

4-Year Old Princess Red & 2-Year Old Mickey Boating in Tahiti to "Against the Sun" by Rootkit with Vocals by Anna Yvette

Mickey & Princess Red Have Tahiti Beach Lunch on the Run Set to "Life" & "Mirages" by Mitis

Fun at The Grove for Princess Red & Mickey to the songs "Bright Side", "The Otherside" & "Green Eyes" by Vicetone

A Walking Love Letter to Princess Red & Mickey from Dad to "Collide" with vocals by Rosi Golan by Vicetone and two songs from Illenium, "Only One" with vocals by Nina Sung and "Fractures" with vocals by Nevve

6-Month Old Princess Red Thru the Kaleidoscope during Her First Christmas to the Song "Kaleidoscope" by Vicetone with Vocals by Grace Grundy

1.5 Year Old Mickey Checks Stuff in Driveway Set to "Saving Light" by Gareth Emery with vocals by Haliene & "United We Dance" by Vicetone

Princess Red Baptized in Russian Orthodox Church to "Celestial" & "Butteflies" by Rameses B. and "Lord Have Mercy" by Zhana Bichevskaya

3-Year Old Mickey Has a Lot to Say on a Mission of Discovery thru a Backyard Wilderness

2-Year Old Mickey Has Lunch & Wakes Up Princess Red by Accident

A Love Letter Slide Show to Mickey with Him as Baby and with Sister Princess Red Set to Bach Harpsichord Concertos & "This is Forever" by Hellberg with Danyka Nadeau

A Love Letter Slide Show to Princess Red & Mickey from Three E.B. GO Vision Media Photo Shoots Set to "I Want You to Know" by Zedd with Selena Gomez and "Gold Skies" by Sander van Doorn, Martin Garrix, DVBBS & featuring Aleesia

Princess Red & Mickey Fun Around House Set to "Long Way Home" by Gareth Emery

1-Year Old Princess Red Hits American Girl Store Set to Music by Kevin MacLeod

2-Year Old Princess Red Hits Victoria's Secret to Dance of Sugar Plum Fairy & Other Music

2-Year Old Mickey Pulls a Cart Back to Farmers Market to the Song Future Gladiator by Kevin MacLeod

1.5 Year Old Mickey Gets Ready for Bath & Causes Trouble to Songs "Fiddles McGinty" & "Bouncing Balls"

1-Year Old Mickey on Mission of Exploration in Driveway Set to Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #4

Mickey's First Birthday Cake & a Bit of Crawling with Princess Red, Rather Amusing

Princess Red & Mickey Hit American Girl Store to Irish March"& Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers"

2-Year Old Princess Red on a Pink Balloon Adventure Around The Grove

8-Month Old Princess Red Hangs Out with the Dog Lucy and Has Fun

1.5 Year Old Princess Red Tests Toy Stroller & Gets Dogs at Dinner Set to Los Toreadors from Carmen

3-Year Old Princess Red & 1-Year Old Mickey Enjoy Group Gymnastics Class Set to Music

1-Year Mickey Enjoys a Messy Meal with 3-Year Princess Red & Shares with the Dog

1-Year Old Mickey Gets to Explore Alone at The Grove Rose Garden During a Warm Day

3-Year Old Princess Red & 1-Year Old Mickey Have a Bit of Backyard Fun During a Warm Day

1-Year Old Mickey Gets to Check Out Toys & Books at Barnes & Noble at The Grove

7-Month Old Princess Red Eating, & Laughing While Listening to Music as Mommy Sings

Mickey Baptized in Russian Orthodox Church in Beautiful Ceremony

7-Month Old Princess Red, Squeaks, Rolls on Bed & Has Fun Acting Kooky

3-Year Old Mickey Masters the Hula Hoop After Trying for Weeks on End

Princess is Red Caught Dancing & Playing Princess in the Driveway Without Knowing It

Princess Red & Mickey Practice Ballet in Front of the Mirror & Mickey Wears a Girl's Outfit

Easter Praying at Russian Orthodox Church with Lots of Candles, Icon Stations & Praying

Hilarious Fun with Princess Red & 4-Month Old Mickey & Mom Playing

Mom, Princess Red & 5-Month Old Mickey Perform Group Dance

2-Year Princess Red Helps Keep 5-Month Mickey Warm with a Blanket & Love

10-Month Old Princess Red Drives Her Walker While Eating at Dog's Expense to Songs "Court of the Queen" by Kevin MacLeod and "Bubblegum Ballgame

45-Day Old Princess Red First Water Training with Mom to Songs "Eternal Hope" by Kevin MacLeod and "Marxist Arrow" by Twin Musicom

5-Day Old Princess Red Gets Wet Blessing from Dog While Movie 300 Plays in Background

Princess Red & Mickey in Russian Church at different times over the years set to the beautiful song "Lord Have Mercy" by Zhana Bichevskaya

Princess Red's Moves During Ultrasound, Disturbed by Ultrasound Heat Possibly

5-Week Princess Red Gets Animated & Has Visit from a Parrot to Song "Ponies & Balloons" by The Green Orbs

1-Month Old Mickey Makes Interesting Noises While Sleeping to Song "Evening Fall Harp"

2-Month Old Mickey Has a Few Laughs to Songs "Splashing" Around" by The Green Orbs and "I Love You" by Vibe Tracks

4-Year Old Mickey Fights Back Princess Red & Park Bullies to Dramatic Music

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