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Ultimate Guide to Transform Your Business with Content
Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems Terry Brock -- Achievement Systems
For Immediate Release:
Dateline: Orlando, FL
Friday, May 3, 2024


First, here’s a gift for you to better understand AI, create content, and build sales –

Greetings you Stark Raving Entrepreneur.

Hey there, you Stark Raving Entrepreneurs!

Hold on to your hats because today’s show is nothing short of magical.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve been a big fan of creating content. In 2nd grade I wrote for a newsletter that I put together with a couple of buddies of mine and loved it a lot.

In high school I worked for the school newspaper as well as a community newspaper. That Community newspaper ended up sending me to Washington DC to cover Richard Nixon’s inauguration.

I went on to major in radio, TV, and newspaper for undergrad school. Today I’m using video, audio, text, pictures and more.

So I’m familiar with content creation and I’m so excited to share with you this third and final episode of this particular series focusing on Castmagic.

We’re going to dive deep into the enchanting world of ‘Castmagic’ and how it can be your ally in the realm of content creation.

Picture this – you’ve got amazing ideas, dazzling insights, and you’re buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit, ready to conquer the digital landscape. I’m here as your trusted guide to show you how you can weave these threads into a tapestry of success.

Ever wondered how to snag your listener’s attention in an ocean of content? In this episode you’ll discover some amazing tools that can help you enormously.

I cover a lot of info on this episode that you’ll be able to use right away in your own content production.

And of course, we’re not just talking the talk; we’re walking the walk with tools of the trade that’ll have you podcasting like a pro.

Grab your gear and get ready to learn about the likes of Auphonic for crisp, clean audio – because who doesn’t want to sound like velvet to their listeners’ ears?

Plus, have you heard of Opus clip? You’re about to discover how it can be a game changer for your video content.

So, gear up, my intrepid content creator, as we embark on this journey together. This episode is loaded with some of my favorite practical tips, heartfelt advice, and my own tales from the content trenches that are sure to inspire. You’re not just building content; you’re building a business, a community, a legacy! And it all starts with tuning in to “Stark Raving Entrepreneurs.”

It’s go time. Let’s make some business magic happen!

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For your convenience here are some time stamps of note-worthy content for this episode:

**Timestamp [00:00:41]:** Terry introduces “Castmagic,” a tool for repurposing content, generating social media posts, summaries in various languages, Instagram reels, and quizzes, among others.
**Timestamp [00:02:12]:** He explains how “Castmagic” integrates with Chat GPT to synthesize and distill key points from interviews, especially useful for industry events and conferences.
**Timestamp [00:04:00]:** Terry suggests various research tools such as SEMrush, Answer the Public, Google Trends, and Idea Engine to understand current hot topics and to gather information for content creation.
**Timestamp [00:05:10]:** He describes his process for drafting content by using Google Docs and its voice typing feature for efficient content transcription.
**Timestamp [00:06:16]:** Terry discusses the benefits of the Castmagic community via a Slack channel where users can share prompts and learn from each other’s experiences.
**Timestamp [00:07:00]:** He emphasizes the importance of crafting a ‘hook’ to capture your audience’s attention and the use of tools like “Creator Pro” for generating engaging titles.
**Timestamp [00:10:11]:** Terry mentions his scheduling process with YouTube and Libsyn, and introduces Auphonic, a tool for audio improvement.

For your convenience, here’s a summary in Spanish

En este episodio del podcast “Stark Raving Entrepreneurs”, Terry Brock comparte estrategias y herramientas para la creación de contenido enfocado en el emprendimiento. Entre las herramientas destacadas se encuentra Cast Magic, que ayuda a reaprovechar contenido existente y crear publicaciones para diversas plataformas como LinkedIn y reels para Instagram. Otras herramientas mencionadas son Auphonic para la mejora de audio, Opus Clip para extraer segmentos de video relevantes y SEMrush para investigación de mercado.

Terry sugiere utilizar la tecnología, como grabaciones de voz en dispositivos móviles o portátiles, para recoger ideas y entrevistas. Resalta la importancia de tener un gancho interesante para captar la atención en los contenidos y recomienda varias plataformas para programar y difundir los podcasts y vídeos.

El episodio también cubre consejos para la edición y repurposing de contenido, así como la importancia de ajustar el proceso de creación de contenidos a lo que funcione mejor para cada individuo. Se invita a los oyentes a participar en la comunidad de Cast Magic y a visitar el sitio web Stark Raving Entrepreneurs para más recursos.

Also, for your convenience, here’s an unedited transcript:

Terry Brock -Recording [00:00:00]:
Welcome back to this series on content creation, how you can use content to build your business as an entrepreneur and do a lot more. I’m Terry Brock, your host here from Star Craving Entrepreneurs. And in this video, I wanna show you kind of a consummation of all of this, how you can put it all together and be able to do some things with amazing tools I’m gonna share with you. So get your pen and paper or your note taking device of choice ready to go. Gonna give you a lot of good information. And stay through to the end because we’ve got some real good tools that you’re gonna be able to implement right away. No charge, you’ll be able to get these, and I wanna make sure you have those. In the past couple of videos that we’ve done on this topic, I’ve been talking about gathering information, how to look at it, what to use.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:00:41]:
I wanna go a little bit more in-depth in that right now and tell you about a tool that is available I’ve mentioned called cast magic. Cast magic is a fabulous little tool that gives you the ability to do things similar to what we do in some other, but nothing like I’ve seen anywhere. It helps you to repurpose content that you have so that you can create a LinkedIn post with it. You can create titles with it, an introduction. You can create a Spanish summary, a Portuguese summary, or all kinds of options there. You can get it to write reels for you for Instagram, to develop a quiz for you. And another thing that it will do with your Ios phone, as we’re recording this right now, I’ve got my iPhone here, I just record on here all kinds of ideas. Or say I’m at a conference.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:01:27]:
I’m going to the exhibit hall or I’m there at a conference where people all are there for a specific purpose. This is why they’re there. I can wander around with my iPhone and say, hey. I’m talking with famous person here who’s doing this and this. What do you think about such and such? And get them to record that and just interview them. Or even preferred, I might wear a little microphone carry a little microphone with me and just hold that up to them. Works out really well, a lavalier mic. And the reason I do that, I would get the recording.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:01:55]:
You know, I think, okay. That’s no big deal, Terry. We’ve got that. And, yeah, today we can get the audio and the transcript. Yeah. You can. And that’s what this does too. But what it does also is it uses cast magic magic capability there that ties into chat g p t.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:02:12]:
And what it does is you can wander around, say, the exhibit hall, talk to lots of people of what’s happening right now in our industry. In this year, next quarter, what do you see happening in the industry that’s gonna be really hot for widget makers or whatever. And then, when you go back, you can write a prompt to that script and be with what’s called magic chat. And you can get it to them, look at what people have said. Give me the 5 top points that we saw from exhibitors who were working with blue widgets or working with red widgets. What do they say? And now you’re not just getting a massive information. Maybe you had an hour, hour and a half, 2 hours worth of stuff. That’s a lot to go through.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:02:53]:
A lot of work to go through and look at the transcript of it. Listen to the whole thing. But with use using something like that from chat magic, you’ll be able to consolidate it. You can record a speech that you have and then be able to pull all kinds of information out from it. If you’re brainstorming just by yourself, think, okay. Let me talk about something here. Okay. You hit the tap button to record.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:03:14]:
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here’s something important. Then pause it. Think a little bit more. Look over here. Oh, that gives me an idea about something else. Put that in there as well. Cast magic is a tool you definitely wanna look into on that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:03:27]:
Matter of fact, we’re putting together a course on that right now. You wanna find out more about how you can use Cast magic. Yes, for your podcast. Yes, for your YouTube channel. Yes, for any video or audio that you already have out there In an m p 3 format, m4a format, an m p 4 format. All of those different formats, we can take that and turn it into something that’s going to be really good for you. So this is what you want to do. Start looking at ways that you can create content using some tools that others aren’t quite tied into yet, and you’re going to have that advantage.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:00]:
Okay. Now you’ve gone through what we said before. You collected ideas. You went out and did some research at places like, chat GPT. You looked at perplexity. You looked at Claude. Also, don’t forget the benefits of going to places like SEMrush. SEMrush or Answer the Public or Google Trends.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:19]:
Many wonderful places where you can go and find out what are people looking for right now. What’s hot to them? There’s another one called idea engine that I discovered. A client of ours that we worked with and, did a lot of good and they had came up with that. They’re going through some issues right now. I don’t know if it’s still there when you listen to this recording, but look out. Idea engine. I could type in what’s happening right now with content creators in AI and how are they using what tools are they using? And it would give me 10, 20 different references from magazines, from websites, articles that I can really tap into. YouTube channels.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:04:55]:
Really good for that. So take a look at that one as well. Really nice. But you wanna get all that information. Then once you get it, here’s what you wanna do. Find a place where you can put it all in there just for a first draft. I mean, you’re just dumping it in there. You’re not worrying about editing, not making it pretty, all that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:05:10]:
Dump it in there. I use Google Docs. I like Google Docs so I can pop that in there and then use their voice typing. That’s the term, voice typing, so that I can put a microphone on me and just talk in there. Because I can talk faster than I can type. Definitely talk faster than I can write. And so, I get all in there as a good brain dump. Try to get some kind of idea in there.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:05:35]:
Then, you can go back and start doing some sorting. This paragraph here would probably be a good intro. Let me move that one up here. There we go. And move this one over here. And go back to cast magic once you’ve got some audio in there, and cast magic can help you to get the right intro, Instagram reels, and more. And hey, matter of fact, as a kind of an insight, there’s a lot you can do with Cast Magic that, we’re gaining and learning on all the time. And that would be because they have a Slack channel, where those who are in the community, those who have purchased Cast Magic, they get a chance to now learn on the Slack channel what prompts are working, what prompts didn’t work, or what can we do on that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:06:16]:
And for those that get use my affiliate link, you’re gonna get some extras with extra goodies that I discover on cast magic. Use that and you’ll be in my secret club, and we’ll give you the kind of information there with it. Matter of fact, if you do that, you’re gonna get a chance to learn about all kinds of nifty, little tricks that I cover, encounter on a regular basis. So I think you’ll enjoy that and get into it. So as you’re developing this, think about what it is you want to communicate. What’s the message you wanna communicate to your audience? That is critical and you want to start with that. When you’re putting your video together, when you’re putting your podcast together or starting your blog post, you’re going to type something in, maybe on LinkedIn as a typed up newsletter. Start with something that’s going to grab their attention.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:07:00]:
You need a hook. I remember that in journalism. When working in journalism class, you wanted something that’s going to grab them right away because people got a lot to do. It’s not like they’re wandering around going, gee. There’s no videos to watch today. I don’t have any podcasts to listen to at all. Boy, there’s nothing to read today. No.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:07:17]:
We’re quite the opposite now. There’s so much we’re inundated with it. What do I do? So you need to make it a science and an art. How are you going to grab their attention? Ethically, legally, morally, ethically, making sure that everything is done the right way, but give them a way to solve a problem that they have. What hooks are gonna help? One of the tools I’m using right now, as I mentioned before, is called creator pro for creator hooks from a guy named Jake Thomas, and I’m paying him money on that. Doing a really good job giving me ideas. What I do is I do just a brainstorm dump in there. Say, I’m creating a video on this, and it’s about this for this target market, and they’re dealing with this pain and that pain, And we hope to do this right here in this way.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:08:01]:
We want to bring in a little bit of fear of missing out, fomo. We also want to bring in a little bit of fun and funny. Make sure that’s there. Give me a few titles that I can use. And then, it gives you a bunch of titles. Really really nice. So I’ll take those titles then and pop them into keyword explorer with TubeBuddy so that then TubeBuddy comes back and tells me whether it’s viable or not. So this is some of the process that I go through For your information, for your consideration, you might want to look at what tools are you going to use.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:08:31]:
I’ve created even a Google doc of the process I go through in creating content, and leave a comment below if you’d like to know about that. And, bounce over to our Stark Raving Entrepreneur site, and we’ll be able to help you out there as well. That’s starkravingentrepreneurs.com, and you’ll find a way that you can leave comments there and get some help with it. Okay. Once you got the basic outline, then from there, you get a chance to start doing the recording. And that’s where it becomes fun. Real fun. And you got some question to ask.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:08:59]:
Are you gonna do it like I’m doing right now with my laptop computer at my office right here behind me? Then I’m looking into the camera. I’m using e cam to record this and then I will edit it in Camtasia Mac. Camtasia for Mac. Why? Because I know how to do it. I’ve been using that. There are many other good tools out there. There’s, Adobe Premiere. There’s all kinds of good tools that are available from many different others.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:09:26]:
I’m not gonna go into all the details right now, but what you wanna do is find what is going to work for you and use that. And another thing that might work for you is don’t even mess with it. Get somebody else to do it. And there’s a place for that as well. Sometimes, you might wanna find a good editing operation wherever they are in the world they can do this for you. They know what to do and more than just knowing the nuts, bolts and wiggle pins of how to trim or how to edit video, they know about the science and the psychology of what works and what gets your video noticed more on places like YouTube. What gets your podcast noticed more? This is even more important. So these are considerations you want to put together when you’re looking at putting out some content to make it really sizzle.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:10:11]:
Okay. Then we get down to the actual scheduling. I’m doing this right now through a couple of different tools. We use YouTube to schedule it for a certain time, certain day every week. We also use Libsyn. It’s libsyn. Libsyn for the podcast. I love their service.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:10:28]:
They do a great job of scheduling my audio to go out. Usually, we take the audio from the video, put it into Libsyn. By the way, another tool that you’ll wanna use when you’re working with audio, sometimes audio doesn’t turn out as well as it should. There’s a wonderful tool out there called Auphonic, auph0nic. Auphonic. I love them. They give you a couple of hours of use free just because you’re a human being. I love that.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:10:56]:
And then, you can put even more in there if you’ve got some longer audios that you need to clean up. And by clean up, let’s suppose there’s a noise in the background that was a constant reverberating noise. You can tell auphonic, just pull that out. Or if you’ve got to make something that what you did recorded 2 people, maybe they both were on different lines and one voice is a little bit higher than the other, than what down here, it can level those out and make it much better. Just recently, we’re talking to a friend of ours who does a real real good podcast. And there was an error made in the audio that was recorded. One microphone came on strong. The other one was really weak.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:11:31]:
You could barely hear it. We ran it through Auphonic. It worked beautifully and works really well. That’s a nice tool I would encourage you to look into. Find out about how you’re going to handle the editing. For me, I’ve got it down to a system now where I can sit down and work with e cam and build in most of the nuts, bolts and wiggle pins of the edits that way. So I can do it pretty rapidly. But then, I’ve been working with it for 15, 20 years through various iterations of Camtasia.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:11:57]:
So it’s really easy for me. Not everyone can say that, and that just happened to be my unique experience that has been there. You find what’s gonna work for you, and if you wanna kick some ideas around, hey, we do a lot of coaching and helping people on that. We can do that for you as well. Let us know. Just drop us a quick email. Be happy to respond back to you as well. And now, we come to the final and very important area.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:12:18]:
Once you’ve got your video done, you’ve got your podcast done, you even prepare a mailing that you’re gonna send out. Everything’s ready. You send it out there. There. Then what? Well, now comes the time for repurposing. Cast magic is a marvelous tool for repurposing To take that content that you have, it takes the audio, and then it will create an introduction for you. It will create a LinkedIn post. It will create reels for Facebook, for Instagram.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:12:46]:
It can do a lot of different things for you, putting it out there, taking the text and repurposing it in a beautiful way. Another wonderful tool is called Opus clip, o p u s clip. Opus clip. It’s a tool that I use to get excerpts from the video and it will then pull out just the exit excerpts that are particularly relevant to your market. It finds what people are looking for out there and where you said something when you were interviewing famous guest. Opus clip does a really good job of that. Very easy to use as well. We’re gonna be talking about that more in the future here on the channel, so be sure and subscribe to our channel here so you get notice of that when it comes out.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:13:27]:
And by all means, please leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think of the tools we’re recommending here and how they’re coming along. Okay. We’ve given you a lot of good information. A lot of, ideas out there from getting your ideas, processing the content, editing it or not, getting someone else to do it. Should you use a laptop? Should you use a mobile phone? And the answer is yes. Use both.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:13:51]:
I would recommend that because when you’re out on the road, sometimes having your camera there, a really good cell phone with a microphone, you could interview someone with you talking to it. You interview them. We are ready for that in our world today. We’re already there and doing it a lot. Plus you can use a laptop and it will work. So there’s a lot of good tools you can use for it and I encourage you to get out there and do it. Find out what you can do. Your marketplace wants to know how they can get their problems solved.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:14:19]:
When you can do that through the knowledge you have, using the right tools with video, with audio, and with text. You’re going to help them make their needs dissolve. Help them get their needs taken care of and you are gonna build your business. I wish you the very best on that. I’m Terry Brock. You can meet me over at starkraving. Starkravingentrepreneurs dot com. That’s on over there.

Terry Brock -Recording [00:14:45]:
And, also, you can send me email at terry@terrybroch.com. Hey. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much for joining me.

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