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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


October 26, 2021

Does our economy need to be unmasked?

Certainly- but in one sense, there is probably no economy on Planet Earth now or before- as presented by government, those running for office, various types of business entities and media of many different varieties that could not bear an unmasking- a heart-felt penetration of the truth. So, although this blog contains various views of present situations, please do not think our present economy is the only one permeated by deliberate or unintentional deception. Still, some say it might be worse than ever before. What’s your opinion?

As Greg describes in the foregoing video, the stock market has spiked very high- in the midst of many desolate warnings in various media that all is not well, that a crash is immanent, etc. Generally speaking, as an exponent of the value of psychologically analyzing the impact and direction of the market, Greg looks at various parameters of its direction and draws often generally favorable choices for buying and selling stock. His view is not based on conventional mainstream analysis- which would generally speak of the veracity of the market’s direction in conventionally acceptable terms these days. He rather believes that the action of Central Banks with their voluminous money printing and their engagement in actually buying assets- requires an analyst to realize he is analyzing an illusion. Paradoxically, this has made him, he says, a raging bull- not only in stocks- but across the board- in silver and gold, in crypto, etc.

His comments on the rise of crude oil and other energy prices- are pointing the way to what? A pullback- maybe a dramatic one. But if this happens, is it the end of the market? Check out what he thinks might come after a pullback.

Interesting Developments: Is The Stock Market About To Take A Hit? Maybe… Here’s Why. Mannarino

If you just watched our last video, the title of the next video will not surprise you. No, I don’t believe that you are listening to an echo chamber. D. Quintieri presents one of the most continual and often complex analyses of the economy – with the goal of actually educating his followers. And you will see, among many alternative commentators on the economy a similar view, coming often from slightly different perspectives.

He points out, like Greg, that despite the paucity of the economy, the stock market is booming. And now, after Hertz decided to place an order for 100,000 Teslas, our favorite crypto and stock market influencer has just made 36 billion in one day. We really shouldn’t balance out how many reasonably secure 401Ks that could add up to- but the reality may be- in the event of some kind of crash following the continuing the enormous transfer of cash from the middle class- the rapid evaporation of many people’s “bedrock security.” Of course, by that time, perhaps Elon will have achieved his dream of controlling the crypto market as well.

Pointing out that the record highs just achieved have never been seen before. Money is flowing into equities like a raging river. In this video, Quintieri carefully presents the specifics of this seeming economic miracle, partly based on margin, money printing, the stimulus packages. Seeing is believing. Check out the video.

Going ALL IN on Stocks

In this video, Stacy Herbert, Max Kaiser’s eloquent and thoughtful colleague, presents a meme of her posing with the economy. They speak of how the Biden administration warns that BitCoin may be a threat to U.S. sanctions- because how can sanctions work when you have an alternative currency viable around the world. So the idea presented here is that BitCoin may actually encourage diplomacy making various world economies somewhat more immune to fiscal bullying. In what I would say is an unfortunate analogy, they speak of the threat of total destruction of the world is at the mercy of various countries having nuclear weapons- has presented any giant wars. To that, I would say- so far. And although it has prevented the one-time and one-time-only nuclear winter from happening, military skirmishes and massive killing go on throughout the world.

Follow this video and learn about how the administration uses what Max calls “pretzel logic” to describe the supply chain catastrophe, which the administration calls “the delayed treadmill effect.” While our last two videos focused on the illusion of the stock market, the Kaiser report today focuses on the power of BitCoin to democratize economies around the world.

Keiser Report | The Tragedy of the Treadmill | E1767

A Toast to the Profound Hope that it Will All Work Out!


Johnny Blue Star, CEO
New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc.


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A Toast to the Profound Hope that it Will All Work Out-


Johnny Blue Star, CEO
New Galaxy Enterprises, Inc.

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