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Dateline: American Fork, UT
Monday, June 28, 2021


JUNE 26TH 2021

I am not an economist but I am trying to be an educated lay person, perhaps informed enough to be able to vote intelligently. On a national level, I believe there are grave dangers in store for millions of people because they have bought and continue to have bought mainstream narratives. As one of my influencers (directly below), Greg Mannarino notes, almost daily, the stock market reacts to bad economic news by swiftly moving upwards. That’s because our government and major media have chosen to cherry pick, misrepresent, misstate and misinterpret the implications of economic news to the public. You cannot really separate this very effective form of psychological manipulation than you can from the kind of information we have received from these same sources in regards to justifying the lock downs. Think of the Central Bank as an inexhaustible fountain of money- and you will be aligned with the new Fantasy Economics of the day. Listen to Greg and some of the other voices I present here- and you may begin to evaluate the value of the dollars you have stored in your own personal bank or financial institution.

The following was produced last Thursday video but I believe that this video clearly summarizes some of his feeling about the general condition our economy is in. He speaks about the 411,000 who applied for unemployment this week; the extreme problems with the growth of capital and durable goods; how the stock market prices do not reflect stock market real earnings/PE ratios or forward guidance of any real use from the Fed- but rather reflects the staggering efforts to boost the stock markets, especially in the wake of seriously troubling economic news.

Gregory Mannarino
MELTDOWN: Waiting For A Stock Market Crash?


I have to say what follow is one of the BEST VIDEOS I HAVE EVER WATCHED. Why is that? Because it lays the groundwork for evaluating BitCoin as a spiritual phenomena that frees mankind to create its own prosperity and challenges the man-made creation of fiat money that is used by the State to control its citizenry. To Max Kaiser and to Stacy Herbert, his co-host, it removes humanity from the grip of the profit vs plunder motive that has enslaved men since the beginning of recorded history. In this matter, it is not the money that is at fault but the way the monetary system is manipulated by government- witness what has happened to our dollars after they were stripped of being backed by precious metals. His philosophy, despite the existence of the Elon Musks of the world, that no person is more powerful or more important than the network itself. Max makes the strong point as he did in the BitCoin Conference of 2021 where he interviewed Michael Saylor, one of the strongest and most vocal supporters of t he BitCoin phenomenon This video contains an amazing segment of this interview.

David Quintieri is someone I trust and I believe is on a personal mission to improve the right-thinking public as to the true nature of the economy. I think he is very aware of the lack of financial education of many of his viewers who wish to truly understand the economy, which is embedded in a rich web of deception. In the next video, he carefully shows how the raising of retain prices is often the reflection of the rising cost of raw material, shortage of materials and supply chain problems. The stimulus packages may help temporarily but those funds are staying in the financial sector like so much of the money printing supports- but rather enter into the non-productive street economy where rising prices are becoming more and more inflated.


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