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“Type G” Leadership – The Power of Gratitude
Susan Battley, PsyD, PhD.  Leadership Psychologist and Author Susan Battley, PsyD, PhD. Leadership Psychologist and Author
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Dateline: Stony Brook, NY
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

“The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.”    – William James
The coronavirus pandemic continues to challenge leaders with navigating rapid change, making tough decisions, and all the while maintaining a motivated community of employees, customers and other partners.
One of the surest ways for leaders to strengthen stakeholder motivation and engagement is to show Gratitude on a regular basis.  I call these Gratitude champions Type-G leaders for short.

What behaviors distinguish Type-G leaders?  Even as many of them are leading their organizations remotely nowadays, these top executives consistently communicate and act to make their employees, customers, clients and partners feel valued.
For example, Type-G leaders:
  • Show empathy and keep their Gratitude efforts personal in tone.
  • Make a point of being accessible to stakeholders and responding to their concerns.
  • Recognize their employees’ efforts and innovations in word and deed.
  • Provide resources that keep staff productive, such as work-from-home technology allowances, help desks and stress management webinars.
  • Offer clients, customers and affiliates enhanced loyalty benefits or discounts.
  • Ensure their senior management team also demonstrates Type-G behaviors.

Nowadays it can be easy for leaders to overlook or minimize the importance that Gratitude plays in achieving desired results.  Many have their days filled managing economic fallout and evolving risks.
But just as people have long memories for when they have been treated badly, so too they remember and reward those who value their contributions and efforts, especially in tough times.   Notably, this principle applies to an organization’s top talent –  and to its top clients and influencers too.
Are you a Type-G leader?
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