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Turn the Darn Thing Off!
Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert Marsha Egan, CSP - Workplace Productivity Coach and E-mail Expert
Reading, PA
Friday, June 24, 2011

Toes in the sand, sun on your face, and… you're texting?!

Summer vacations are supposed to be relaxing but according to a study by expedia.com, for many, they are anything but. In fact, 30% of working Americans say they stress about work while they are on vacation! The reason why? No matter how far away we travel we allow ourselves to be distracted by email, blackberry, cell phone, facebook and numerous other electronic devices.

The point is, even if your not part of the 30% of vacationers stressed by work, we could all stand to learn a few things about unplugging from technology this summer trip.

Make relaxation your biggest priority this vacation by following these simple steps:

Turn the Darn Thing Off! – Spend five minutes in any public place and you'll see a huge number of people who are constantly zoned out on their blackberry, email or cell phone. Do not let this e-ddiction take away your vacation! Let's face it, usually it's not that people need you right away… you just want them to need you. Spend at least one day on vacation with all your devices turned off. It's an incredibly freeing experience. If you must check your blackberry or cell phone, check it only once a day and have a fellow traveler hold you to it.

The "It's Sunny and I'm on a Beach" Status Update – Don't do it. Social networking sites like facebook and twitter are fun, but you're on vacation! I guarantee there is something way more fun you can be doing than telling the world (or at least your friends) how good your Holiday Inn breakfast was. Also, by not doing these updates, you're being considerate to all the people back at home that didn't get to go on vacation and might be jealous of where you are.

Leave a Message After the Tan– In order to ensure that thoughts of home don't distract from important tasks… such as tanning by the pool, make sure to set up a vacation message on voice mail and email. Let people know how long you'll be gone for and direct them to someone they can contact instead.

Can You Do What I Do? –Whether at work or at home, make sure people have the files, information, passwords, keys, equipment and anything else that they need to cover for you while your away. The week prior to vacation, start to make a list of everything you need to give out before you leave.

Wherever your vacation takes you this summer, make sure you're getting the quality R&R that you deserve. Live in the moment and leave the digital distractions for home… or at least until the car or plane ride back.

Happy Traveling and Bon Voyage!

-Marsha Egan

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